Wonderful walks in Autumn and Winter 2010

I love going for walks, typically about one hour. It's the perfect balance for dancing where I am usually indoors, with other people, thinking about what and how I am moving.

When I go for a walk, I am out in the fresh air, usually alone, and I only listen to the sounds of nature.
I just let my thoughts flow and set one foot in front of the other automatically.
It's the closest I come to meditation.

My first pictures are of a morning in early November on the Allmend in Zurich. It's quite close to where I live and the place I most often go to when I want to walk.

The rising sun

Somewhere over there is the city of Zurich

There's a highway tunnel going through that mountain and when the road comes out, it looks like this:

Following the river Sihl on the way back 

The 4th of November 2010 was one of the most gorgeous, colorful mornings I have ever seen! And I wasn't alone with this impression - during the entire time I went walking I met dozens of people taking pictures with cameras and phones to capture just a little of the beauty!

I went up to Rietberg, down to the lake and back.

 Flamingos at Belvoir Park

 View from the bridge down the lake and up the river Limmat 

On a cold but sunny December afternoon I decided to walk home from the office instead of taking the bus. 
All along the Limmat, up to the lake.

 Can you imagine - in the summer this public bath is very crowded with people in bathing suits!
 National museum

  I took a break and had a hot chocolate at the Café Felix
 One of my famous self-portraits in bathroom mirrors :-) 

After Christmas I went for another round on the Allmend with my friend Katharina. One thing I love about this place is how it looks different at every season of the year. It just never gets boring!

 Hello Zürich!

 Happy dogs!