My life through Facebook status updates… 2008

I joined Facebook on the 6th of August 2007. Mostly because some people I know in Beirut kept sending me invites and I thought it would be a great way to stay in touch with them until I could return there.
Most of my posts were about my daily life, not travel stuff, so let's look what I was up to… By the way, this was my very first profile picture:

Well, actually I didn't use FB much in the beginning. I collected a few friends and posted some pictures, that was it.

My first status updates were really short and not very interesting. It was the time when Facebook still asked: "What are you up to right now?" to which my answers were:

1st February 2008
sitting in front of the computer

3rd February 2008
preparing to teach workshops in France

Backstory: The workshops took place in Chatuzange le Goubet, close to Lyon.
I took an early morning flight on Saturday that had exactly 2 passengers on board! Great view on the flight over the snow covered Alps.
There also was a small show on Saturday night.
I have fond memories of this weekend, lots of lovely people there - and the realization that wherever you might go in the world, the joys and sorrows of dance communities are basically the same!

13. February 2008
cleaning out more closets

26. February 2008
trying to recover from a cold I cought last Friday...

22. March 2008
going to teach dance classes

28. March 2008
going to dance Tango!

30. March 2008
is tired

I know, earth shaking stuff, right? I guess I will skip those and concentrate on the more interesting ones like:

9. July 2008
playing tourist guide

Backstory: The photographer Michael Baxter had just arrived in Zurich for the very first time. And I didn't even wait until we got home from the airport. I just stopped halfway through town, got out and gave him a first look on the ETH terrace where one has a great view over the center (I have done this with other visitors as well).
I also totally shocked him by drinking water from a public fountain to which he commented: "You could never do this in California!"

11. July 2008
shopping in the sales!

I think this doesn't need a backstory…

12. July 2008
having a photo shoot with Michael Baxter today!

Backstory: now this was awesome! We had a professional photo studio and did a whole lot of great shots. You can see some of the pictures in the gallery on my website.

28. July 2008
had a great weekend in Berlin!

Backstory: We flew to Berlin for a concert and some sightseeing. Here's the blog about it.

7. August 2008
Working a lot. And rehearsing a theater play. And meeting friends… And sometimes even sleeping :-)

9. August 2008
My many faces

Backstory: I had created an album showing me in different situations at various stages in my life to show how versatile I am :-)
Many of them appear somewhere in this blog. But these are special - they show me between 16 and my early twenties. With a perm and HUGE earrings! It was the Eighties, baby!

Sweet sixteen… notice the rubber bangles, they will stay in the pictures for a while!
Eighteen and apparently just back from vacation!
My Madonna self and my Sixties revival!
 Early twenties - finally got rid of the perm and just growing out my bangs
4th September 2008
Recommends Breeder Bingo for people who don't want children...

Go on, how many boxes can you check off? My bingo card is quite full...

4th September 2008
Das Wort des Tages: Schnurrepfludderi

Yes, some of my posts are in German. I had just discovered a great Swiss German word (mostly used in the Zurich region). It's used when you just can't seem to get out your words right.

6th September 2008
Did some gardening on the balcony.

9th September 2008
Has to practice a lot of choreographies for the Züspa performances...

And here is where I talk about the results: Züspa performances 1  /  Züspa performances 2

14. September 2008
Has to work on Sunday...

15. September 2008

Sending my boyfriend off to his first day at university

Backstory: Olivier had kind of a midlife crisis / burn out earlier in the year and decided to change his life, stop working and go back to university. Why he chose Law as his subject is still beyond me. He doesn't even like reading!

15. September 2008
finally had the time to watch another Bollywood film!

17. September 2008
want more performances to show off all my costumes.

17. September 2008
created another statistic. I like statistics.

18. September 2008
finally putting the Bharata Natyam stuff together. Practice, baby!

19. September 2008
wonder why I agreed to go working in the office on Saturday morning at EIGHT AM!

We see a trend here: I started to write much more often, although not much. I might just as well have been on Twitter.
And I worked on weekends :-)

20. September 2008   (three updates)
wants to hang out at Sihlcity.

is updating the websites. Right now working on - it was about time!

had enough of sitting in front of the computer. Tango!

Now you can paint a picture of that day in your mind,,,

22. September 2008
looking for the perfect small black handbag

23. September 2008
Leute, die im Kaufleuten Disco Fox tanzen, sind peinlich...

Meaning: People who dance disco fox at a club are embarassing... And I still stand by this statement!

24. September 2008
found a small black handbag! But it was expensive…
Here it is, Navyboot handbag - I added a Moroccan tassle later
25. September 2008
must kick myself in the backside and finally get the new choreo done...

28. September 2008
My all time favourite sketch from the absolutely fabulous French + Saunders!
29. September 2008
will rock the Züspa again! And then go shopping

3rd October 2008
spending the evening on the sofa

5th October 2008
going to dance in a church today!

Backstory: I don't even properly remember what the occasion was. But I was actually doing a Bollywood dance number on Sunday morning during the service in a protestant church in Zurich.

6th October 2008
hät dä Pfnüsel

(has a cold)

8th October 2008
hät immer no dä Pfnüsel - aber jetzt än guetä Nasespray!

Seems that I prefer to talk about my illnesses in Swiss German :-)

9th October 2008
have to get fitter
(and soon after)

goes Nording Walking

15. October 2008
went for a loooong walk today, wading through tons of autumn leaves - probably for the last time this year in just a t-shirt

Backstory: It's true, we often have really nice, warm Octobers around here.

17. October 2008
looking forward to having more space at home again...

Backstory: This is related to my boyfriend going back to uni. Read more about it here.

19. October 2008
And there are people who think Rachel Brice invented back bends... Hah!

(This relates to a video on YouTube, but I can't get it working right now, it's all written in Arabic)

preparing for the workshops in Stockholm

21th October 2008
have to be in the office at 7:00 AM tomorrow - börks

Sometimes, a "börks" says bore than a thousand real words...

22. October 2008
feeling much better after the Bharata Natyam lesson!

23. October 2008
going shopping with my mother

24. October 2008
Sometimes I wish I was standing in front of this webcam....

Referring to the Waikiki Beach webcam which is no longer operative, so I can't post the link.

25. October 2008
will rock tonight!

26. October 2008
wurde wieder mal Duracell Häsli genannt

Apparently I had shown a lot of energy that day! Do you know the advertisement with the battery driven bunny that goes on much longer if the batteries are from Duracell?

27. October 2008
need a vacation. REALLY!

28. October 2008
had to kick myself really hard in the butt to finally get up and practice / work out.

29. October 2008
listening to ABBA to prepare for the trip to Stockholm

30. October 2008
in Stockholm!!! It's cold and rainy but I have very nice company.

Backstory: Here is the travel blog entry where you can learn more about my trip.

31. October 2008
bought too much glittery make-up stuff from the Make Up Store (a Swedish brand)

1st November 2008
will go and party in a Lebanese nightclub in Stockholm tonight!

3rd November 2008
back to normal life!
(but not too normal, because next I wrote:)
painting my nails with the new holographic nail polish! Groovy!

6th November 2008
figuring out what needs to be done next...
(apparently I did, because:)
going to dance a lot tonight!

7th November 2008
will teach a shimmy workshop tonight. Shake it!

werde gerade mächtig auf dem Chat angebaggert von einem hübschen jungen Mann (nein, der kann kein Deutsch...) tsts... die Jugend heutzutags!

Backstory: Yes, even back then a "mature" woman like me got chat messages from cute young men who want to "get to know you"...

8th November 2008
enjoying the sunshine

10th November 2008
only 11 days left until my vacation!

forgot to tell you all: Since last week I am officially a citizen of the city of Zurich (mit Autogramm vom Elmar...)!

Backstory: Besides the citizenship to our country we Swiss also have a town/village citizenship in our passport (not the place of origin but more where your ancestors come from). Mine was that of Hallau, a tiny village in the north of Switzerland that I had maybe been to twice in my life.
So to show everybody how much I love my Zurich (where I had been living since 1989) I invested 250 bucks and changed it.

13. November 2008
voting about ca. 17 different subjects... Long live democracy!

Backstory: Yes, one of the pleasures of living in a direct democracy is that you have the right to vote on MANY subjects. Often even such that you don't quite understand...
But I make it a point to go voting as often as possible. After all I have to live with the results!

15. November 2008
finally putting the holiday pictures from JANUARY online...

Wanna see them? They are here!

16. November 2008
finally putting the pictures from Berlin in July online...

Man, did I have a backlog! Well, have a look!

18. November 2008
just had a really good laugh

already started packing for the trip to Morocco...

I am a notorious early packer. Preparing for a trip for me is part of the fun. I have an elaborate Excel check list that I go through whenever I pack. And then there is always the question of the color scheme for the trip in question! I really don't want to stress out over these things 3 hours before I am due to go to the airport.

20. November 2008
finde es schon krass, dass das Benzin jetzt 50 Rappen billiger ist als im Juni! Das ist ein VIERTEL weniger!

This was the year of the drastic price changes for fuel. Filling up your car in November only cost 3/4 of what it was in June, at the all time high of prices!

21. November 2008 

in Marrakech and loving it!

22. November 2008
bought about a dozen silk tassels in the souks... Marrakech is the tassle capital of the world, I'm sure!

25. November 2008
gone surfing

26. November 2008
still surfing

I use this opportunity to post one of my favourite pictures I ever took. Surfer girls in the sunset...
 27. November 2008
have loads of bruises and a sunburned face. The pleasures of surfing! Going home tomorrow...

Wanna read more about my Morocco vacation? Of course you do! Get ready for LOADS of pictures!

29. November 2008
back home. Doing the laundry…

And I added a new profile picture (of me in my bathroom in Marrakech)

30. November 2008
really enjoyed the Swiss Tribal Fest!

1st December 2008
back to work...

2nd December 2008
will by my parents' Christmas presents today!

going eating the first raclette of this winter

Backstory: No don't ask me what the presents were, I don't remember. But "first raclette of the winter" is an important event. Note: Here in Switzerland we usually don't eat melted cheese when it's warm outside. It's a typical pleasure of the cold season.

4th December 2008
tried my best to scare away potential customers in another corner of the country. But hey, if they really want to pay that much, I'm gonna do it! :-)

Backstory: Somebody had contacted me to dance at their company's Christmas party in Lausanne. I told them that it would be more convenient to hire a local dancer - it's a 2,5 hours drive after all! But they had seen my YouTube videos and insisted that they wanted ME! Of course I charge extra for the long way, but they were OK with it. That's how I like my customers!

7th December 2008
I swear not to leave the house before I have finished the new Bollywood choreography!
(a little later...)
finished the choreo! But will stay at home anyway.

10th December 2008
don't want snow the next two days!

I say: Bloody, %*@!$&° snow!!!

Backstory: Why was I so enraged about the snow? Well, remember my gig in Lausanne? I ended up going there by train because there was no way I would drive that far when it was snowing so much!

11. December 2008
finding it quite reassuring to watch my Rakkasah performance from 2005 and see that I actually did a pretty good job! It's on YouTube now.

14. December 2008
going to watch a brand new Bollywood film at the cinema today!

recommending "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" - great film!

16. December 2008
I think that tango on 4 nights in a row sounds like a really good plan for this week!

17. December 2008
sucht eine Begleitung zum Schiifahren am 23.12. (sofern Wetter gut). Vorschlag: Flumserberg

(Looking for somebody to come skiing with me)

19. December 2008
looking forward to a weekend of SHOPPING!
(and late in the evening)
just got home from a dance gig that made me very, very happy

20. December 2008
went shopping for 6,5 hours and am totally exhausted…

Backstory: Well, I took pictures for you enjoy!

21. December 2008
glad that the days are getting longer again

24. December 2008
enjoying my mother's food

25. December 2008

26. December 2008
 ready to dance again

28. December 2008
watching Goodness Gracious ME - what FUN!

29. December 2008
It's 30 degrees and sunny in Chennai right now... only 6 weeks until I'll be there!

31. December 2008
Happy New Year, Miss Sophie!

Backstory: In case you should live in one of the uncivilized countries where this sketch isn't an absolute MUST on New Year's eve: it is all over Europe! I have watched it soooo many times and it's always funny!