On planning a year...

If I still had a paper planner, for this year it would look roughly like this:

It's a good thing that I have had electronic agendas ever since I bought my first Palm Pilot!

Already by the end of 2012 when I was making my plans for 2013 it turned out that whatever I wrote into my agenda had to be changed - travel dates and others. A lot of outside influences seemed to be pushing me around.
Not that everything was bad. Changing my Istanbul travel dates because my mother invited me for the trip in return for me playing the tour guide to her and her friends certainly was a good thing :-)
Or moving my trip to India by 2 days because I found a really good deal on the flights…

On the other hand, the lousy weather during this year's sorry excuse for a month of May ruined my planned outdoor activities.
And when I finally put my grill out on my balcony and boasted that this Summer I would have one barbecue after the other… well that was the ONLY time I actually grilled something.

I had been looking forward to Tango week - but when it was there I was either too busy or it was so hot that I just couldn't muster up the motivation to go dancing with somebody else close to me….

But this year also confirmed my old belief that everything happens for a reason - if an event gets cancelled it might well be that another opportunity suddenly opens up instead!

Something good that I hadn't planned at all and that I actually enjoyed a lot were the mornings when I went to swim in the lake.

One of the few things that I had wanted to do and that actually did happen were waterfalls. I explored several of them in Switzerland and had a photo shoot in front of one on the Azores.

But ENOUGH I say!

2014 is the year where I want to be in control of my agenda again!
This is why I already booked (and payed!) the flights for 3 of my vacations in Fuerteventura, Istanbul and Great Britain. We also want to go to Japan, but only in October, so there is still time for that.

And yes, I already know where I will be on the morning of the 9th of June… at Madame Tussaud's in London :-)
I am really looking forward to our London/Cardiff trip and have practically planned half of the trip already. There will be action and amazement from the moment we step out of City Airport!

Preparation is everything and all I can say is: 2014, I am prepared and ready for you!