Nice - Fashionistas on the road

When two stylish girls go on a short trip to the Côte d'Azur, they want to look good! So for this trip in the Summer of 2004 we packed my little car full of clothes, shoes and accessories and hit the road to Nice where my aunt and uncle own an apartment that we were allowed to stay in for a few days.

Our vacation pictures turned out to be one big fashion photo shoot - lots of posing! Therefore the first half of the pictures will be shown as it's the custom in fashion magazines: with sources for all the things we're wearing :-)
Shirt: Switcher / pants: Mango / shoes: Sandro Vicari / bangles: H&M / car: SMART
Tunic + hat: H&M / pants: Vila, Manor / shoes: Charles Jourdan

Shirt: Victoria's Secret / pants: H&M / shoes: Café Noir
Tunic: H&M / pants: Vila, Manor / shoes: Charles Jourdan
Top: from Montréal / pants: Sportstaff / shoes: Minelli / glasses: Nicole Diem / bag: H&M
Top: Morgan de Toi / pants: Mango / shoes: San Marina / Brille: YSL

Dress: Apart @ Heine / shoes: Helmi / jewellery: from Beirut
Dress: Fashion Gallery / shoes: San Marina
Blouse: S K Trading / pants: Puma / shoes: Capriccio / bag: Mandarina Duck / hat: Hutparadies
Shirt: H&M / skirt: Alprausch / hairband: Galeries Lafayette / bag: Clinique / glasses: Gucci
Bikini: Zara
Bikini: ? / shoes: Bata India
Top: Sportmax / skirt: Alprausch / hairband: Galeries Lafayette / glasses: YSL / shoes: Bata India / bag: Clinique
Top und skirt: ? / shoes: Dior / glasses: Nicole Diem / bag: H&M
Top: Morgan de toi / skirt: Mango / shoes: Stuart Weitzman / bag: DKNY / watch: Tissot
Top and skirt: Taboo / shoes: free

Dress: Fashion Gallery / shoes: DKNY

Bolero: Belini

Blouse: In Wear / pants: Puma / shoes: Cosmo / hairband and armband: H&M
Blouse: Only / skirt: Mango / shoes: Zürich
Top: Esprit / jacket: Only / shoes: San Marina
Besides posing these were our activities: beach, shopping, eating. We also threw in some dance practice sessions for a duo number we were planning to perform.

For some reason, I did not find some pictures in their original size anymore - sorry for the post stamp sizes here and there…

A typical day started with me going to the boulanger to buy breakfast while Lavanya did her morning meditation.

View from the balcony
The sea is REALLY that blue! That's why it's called Côte d'Azur!
The building we were staying in.

Then we went to the beach!

Getting ready for the town!

Having arrived on Wednesday evening, we hit the shops for the first time on Thursday morning. We had hardly entered Les Galleries Lafayette when a friendly man on the loudspeaker informed us that sales had just started today! Perfect timing!

 My best friend: my credit card!
This looks like the perfect gallery for us!

Come to me baby!
Lavanya's white bag unfortunately was stolen soon after. We were in a busy shoe shop and when she just turned away from it for a moment to try on a pair of shoes, the bag was gone!
Which resulted in a visit to the police station where we had to wait for AGES to report the theft...
Bring on the shoes!
Mirroring at Chanel's
Shop until you drop!

All this shopping makes us hungry! 
Before feeding…

…after feeding

Delicious Moroccan food is the answer.

When we returned home on Sunday we had a really hard time fitting all our stuff into the car - we had been shopping like CRAZY! But it was worth it of course.