Oslo - combining work and pleasure!

One of the great things about an international dance teacher and performer is that you get to travel to places that you normally wouldn't go to. I usually go to warm countries on my free time… But dance has taken me to Scandinavia several times.
On my first trip to Norway in 2004 I took some additional days to see more than just the inside of a dance studio and theater.
It helps to have a great friend who happens to be an Indian, raised in Norway, like David, or as he is officially called: DaVid of Scandinavia. He's a dancer too of course! Actually my Bhangra teacher.

My first stop was Drammen, his home town where we stayed at his parents' place and also practiced some dancing - a bit of Bhangra and a duet number for the show on Saturday.

Family portrait, complete with DaVid's brother.
In the morning his mother cooked up a big, very un-Indian breakfast, complete with omelets and fish sticks!
Then we took the train to Oslo and went for a round of sightseeing, starting with the university.

The first of many "Russen" we met on this trip - it's a tradition to wear these pants for over 2 weeks in a row in your last year of high school - also read Wikipedia for more info.

Some girls even have matching head scarves...

A different kind of uniform
Changing of the guards at the Royal palace

In the park of naked people

Tour of the harbor
The Fort

Fish market
Apparently they are building the new opera here
My swimming "hotel" - a boat!

View from my room
Look, we found a poster of me!

Backstage at the show. I had my own changing room - but actually it got a bit boring to sit around alone, so I joined the others after my make-up was done.

Putting on my stage face...
Notice that I had curled my hair. I had made the mistake of going to the hairdresser the day before. I usually do it when I travel because normally it's cheaper than at home. Well, double mistake! First of all Norway is an expensive country and it actually cost me MORE.
And then I told the hairdresser to freshen up my highlights but "not too blond". Yeah. In Scandinavia they have a different understanding of what is "too blond"! My hair ended up being much lighter colored than my hairpiece, so I had to curl it for volume. Which turned out to be another mistake as we will see later...
Always great to encounter other Tribal Style dancers, especially when they are committed to colors!
I gave out Swiss chocolate :-)

OK, here we see the result of my hair being curled up all day - a massive mop of hair!
DaVid, ready to go
Workshop time! And more Swiss chocolate of offer. It's how I bribe my students :-) 
Blondie me - out in the Norvegian countryside

Siri the organizer of the dance festival
Khaliji dance workshop

The dance festival was great, with a lot of friendly students. But I was also glad that I took some time to explore Oslo and its surroundings.

Back in the harbor - this must take a long time to clean!

A tiny car!

Going on a boat trip

Humble Norwegian homes...

An ancient Viking ship

Other people have cars in their parking lots...
Buildings from all parts of Norway in the open air museum

Famous church

Signs of Spring

Very important with all those wooden houses!

Modern living

A little Fjord tour

It was REALLY getting warm!

Boat in the trees