Zagroutha dance festival in Trondheim (Norway)

I was lucky to be invited by the two lovely ladies from Zaghroutha to participate in the April 2012 edition of their equally lovely festival in Trondheim, a town in Norway.

My the best flight connection I found was via Amsterdam - with only about 45 minutes between flights. So I decided to pack the minimum for these 2,5 days and travel with only hand luggage. I didn't want to risk for my suitcase to arrive late!

Trondheim has one of these small airports that more like an overblown bus station. Which is cool because it means that ways are short and you get out quickly.

This was important because after I arrived on Friday, I was picked up by Trine and Kjersti - and with just a small detour we went to the location of my first workshop!

Here is what the neighborhood looked like:

And this is the workshop location - yes, it used to be a church! 
 Some of my lovely students on Friday and Saturday. 
In this workshop we were working on body language and expression in dance.

It would be unfair to say in which country I like most to teach my workshops because I have met wonderful students all over the world. But I certainly like my Norwegians, they are always great to work with.

The dressing room for the big show on Saturday night - and the aforementioned lovely ladies plus a photo bomber :-)

I danced my Tango Oriental fusion and an Indian fantasy sword dance. Two very different things! But both have light weight costumes, which was important for this trip. 

After the show we all went to a restaurant for a lot of food that we had really earned!

Being classy ladies, they had installed me in a 5 star hotel with a big spa and a pool. I went for a swim on Sunday morning.

 There was also a wonderful breakfast buffet in a covered court that had Nordic style wall paintings.

I thought it was really cool that my hosts stayed at the same hotel even though they live in Trondheim themselves. They say it helps them keep sane through the crazy festival time. No husbands and children to worry about.

 On my way back to the airport on Sunday I took some pictures of Trondheim.

Unfortunately I couldn't take the bottle of champagne with me that I had received as a gift. No way they would let me keep it at the airport. But I told Trine and Kjersti to drink it in my honor.

Then it was time to make my way back to Amsterdam, run through Schipol airport one more time and finally fly home.