A year in random pictures and posts - 2013 part 2

I started off July with a lovely, sunny day and a little excursion to Winterthur where I visited the Hegi castle in Winterthur together with my fellow ladies of the Gesellschaft zu Fraumünster.

My lovely friend Willow from Honolulu came for a visit! I took her on a cultural excursion to Einsiedeln where we not only visited the famous monastery and cathedral but also the exhibition of the world's largest nativity:

Willow took this cute picture of us having breakfast on Sunday morning at Hiltl - just before I was flying off to the Azores on July 7.
Back home on July 24 I went shopping with my man. Color coordination or what?
As I passed by Bellevue on July 27 I stopped to watch the people jump of the 10 meters tower. That's really high! These girls had been standing up there for the longest time, debating, trying to jump, debating some more... Until they finally did it. That's really brave! I would not even climb up there...
I invested some time on Sunday morning of July 28 to walk over to the skater park and watch Oli practice his moves. I am sure there will be another video later documenting his progresses :-)

In mid-August I documented another progress: that of the destruction of the Garufa building during 3 days. No more tango on this site...
On my morning walk of August 21 I found this by the lake: a clever idea to raise awareness for a political cause: planting little flags all over the lawn where later in the day hundreds of people would come to sunbathe.
And I also took this lovely picture:
Just a few meters further:
Me and my shadow
On August 18 I started a big project: moving about 300 blog entries from the out-dated format of tribe.net to this new blog! It took me some months to not only copy every single entry by hand but also add pictures. 

We were stylish as ever on August 23 when Oli bought a new hat.
Being a member of the Gesellschaft zu Fraumünster takes you to cool places, like the Bührle art collection.
I was there on September 2nd and noted:
"Art evening - this collection is fantastic! Especially since you can go really close to the pictures to admire all the details. And they have some VERY famous paintings!
And this was the lovely view on my way home that evening

From September 9:
"Funny how travel plans keep developping - we are adding Cardiff to our London trip in June. 
It just seems logical when you watch too much Dr. Who and Torchwood"
Yes, here we are again with my tendency to get obsessed with stories. It's not only TV shows by the way. There are certain books (like those from the Disc World series) that I only start reading if I know that I will have enough time to read them and not do anything else for the following days!

Interesting thought from September 21:
Because I apparently don't already share enough of me on the Internet, I did this on September 26:
I took some pictures during my Bollywood dance gig on September 29 because this has to be seen!
Some of those shoes are linked to a lot of memories... I think I will have to write a "shoe stories" blog "
One thing I love about "Guggemusig" (the Swiss carnival bands) is their eclectic choice of music and how they transform popular songs to their own versions. Can you recognize them all?
Plus there are great costumes, from color-coordinated outfits to fairy tale characters to 1950s inspired zombies… (and yes, Native Americans, how totally culture insensitive  )
By the way, the occasional "wrong" tone is part of the concept!
By the way, the occasional "wrong" tone is part of the concept!
An once I am done with this costume, there is a carnival costume in the pipeline!"
Many complained that it was "cold" or "not Christmas-y".
What they probably failed to understand is that to really get it, one must stand still and really look at it - not just run from one shop to the next.
If you take just a minute or two and admire the ever changing shapes instead of rushing around... you might actually get a moment of peace and reflection in your life. And isn't that what Christmas time is supposed to be about?"

If you take just a minute or two and admire the ever changing shapes instead of rushing around... you might actually get a moment of peace and reflection in your life. And isn't that what Christmas time is supposed to be about?"
What, you mean I actually have to get a LIFE again after 3 months of stargating? No more travel to other planets, fighting evil aliens etc.?
Yes, I resist the urge to immediately follow up with Stargate Universe….
But just a recommendation for you SciFi lovers out there: These shows are great!"

"While working through my travel blog entries over the last few years I noticed how I always add the tag "Honolulu" together with "shopping".... Hmmmm... No wonder I always come home broke from Hawai'i!"

"You might have noticed that I have set up a second YouTube channel for my non-dance videos. I named it GoodForYourEyes because many of the videos are more of a relaxing, meditative nature. So if you are tired of watching hectic stuff, give it a go.
And I'd love to have some subscribers, just to make me feel good. Thanks!"

"You know you're performing at a big fat Tamil function when every woman in the audience is wearing more glitter than you! Even the little girls! "
Actually the event was for this girl who changed her outfit about 5 times that day. I didn't quite get the occasion, something about her entering puberty - but she looks a bit old for that. Or maybe it's just all the make-up! 
I hardly ever felt so underdressed in my costume...
They had so many guests from all over the world (literally!) that they needed a gym hall with a stage.
 Now just imagine what these people's weddings look like, holy cow!
 Trying to make the entrance look good...

I love my webcam app - I even use it to check the weather in Zürich. Because it may be different in another part of town, right? I took this screenshot on October 11 because I thought it was cool to have two different kinds of weather in the same picture.
While preparing for a performance I searched YouTube for 1960s style dancing on October 12. After I while I landed on this video - it's from 1971 but who cares. As I noted:
"This video has more energy than 1000 cans of Red Bull! And great dancing!"

The next day I went on stage and danced my "Surf Sharqi" fusion piece. With this styling:

By October I had started to watch another TV series: Stargate SG-1. Which made me post this comment on October 15:
"Nerd alert: Watching "Stargate" and I am always delighted when they have a guest actor who formerly was in Star Trek. Today it's Marina Sirtis!"
Yes. I am a Science Fiction geek. 

This was at around the same time as my famous shoe crisis.
Which in my search for the perfect "victorian style" lace-up bootie made me visit a shop I hadn't been to in ages on October 16:
Just owning one of these checkered plastic bags makes me feel like I am one of the cool kids :-)
When I was around 20, I used come here to buy my rock'n'roll records (yes, on vinyl!). They don't have a music department anymore but still a lot of great shoes, so I found what I was looking for.

That evening I did a serious clean out of my shoe closet and found out that:
"Going through my shoe closet is like looking at a photo album.

On October 18 I looked out of my office window at noon and saw this:
I later found out that a public bus had caught fire! Everybody got out in time though. 
I felt compelled to film it. If you turn up your volume you will hear an explosion towards the end...

On October 19 I had to work in the morning. On the way home I decided to bike down to the lake. I never get tired of the view!

 And looking behind me:
You know how we all complain about the shops putting Christmas stuff up way too early? Well they certainly did on October 30. And yes, nothing celebrates the birth of Jesus like an Angry Birds advent calendar?!?
The next day I discovered that I had a new pet.... Actually I think there were two of them!
My Sixties phase was not over yet! I went to a "Summer Surf" party that promised appropriate music and teased up my hair for the occasion:
Unfortunately there weren't many people there that night. But my flawless execution of the Monkey, the Mashed Potatoe, the Pony and the Twist apparently caught the DJ's eye and he gave me a voucher for a free drink. Which I exchanged for a Mai Tai. 
But then, just as I thought I would dance off the alcohol, they closed early. And I was left to ride home on my bicycle rather tipsy. And more slowly than usual. It went quite well but it's not an experience I want to repeat any time soon!

The Carnival in Zurich usually doesn't get much love - people think it's an importet event and that they just don't get it right here. I admit - having grown up in a "carnival town" I was rather skeptical myself. 
But 2 years ago I gave it a go. And as with many things, the carnival is what YOU make it!
So this year I was there and ready for the carnival opening on November 11. Well, not at 11:11 o'clock (I had to work then) but when I left the office in the afternoon I went straight to Niederdorf, where a lot of the bands where playing. A bit later Olivier joined me.
 Sympathy for the devil

Here's a little something I put together from the bands I filmed this afternoon:
On my way home that evening - Zurich in the evening light. Isn't it pretty?
I was quite shocked when I learned that Oscar Moyano had died - he was one of the big personalities in the Zurich tango scene. The on we all danced in his honor. EVERYBODY was there and it was the best possible memorial service ever.
We shared memories of Oscar, danced and were merry. When two of his friends did a little performance, the song suddenly changed in the middle - and we were all quite sure that it was Oscar who did it!
From November 16:
"In case you have been wondering what I have been doing so many hours on my sofa lately. Besides watching a whole lot of Stargate SG-1….

On November 23 I had "One of these days... Bharata Natyam in the afternoon, some American Tribal Style bellydance later on. Then an Oriental dance gig at a Turkish restaurant and now off to tango! You may call me "World dancer" 

November 30:
"The sound of surf guitars helps me through a snowy, cold morning"

Time to celebrate on December 6!
"24 years ago today I met my boyfriend, the man of my life. Celebrating with Italian pastries, Mostbröckli, Grittibänz and a lot of Doctor Who "
And the following day I noted:
"In a long term relationship it's not only about the mutual interests you share when you first meet - but also the ones you develop and enjoy together over the years. For me and my man it's a shared love of science fiction and mystery shows, surfing, gadgets, tango and more."

Ready for the party on December 8 - Forever 80's! Those are original earrings and rubber bangles that I already had when I was 16. I did not recreate my perm however :-) Instead I went for a "Addicted to Love" look.
Me and my girls!
On December 9 I went "Ice skating for the first time in about 20 years! I forgot how much fun this is! After wobbly first 5 minutes I am back in business"
The pictures are here

On Dezember 15 we went skiing for the first time this Winter, in the closest possible location, Atzmännig. There was just enough snow for a little easy gliding down the hill and we took the same lift all afternoon. Oli brought his snow skate and practiced - because he is all about the boards!

A little video never hurts, so on December 19 I wrote: "A little something I filmed in 2007 - The now gone Christmas lights over Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich. I am apparently one of the few people who actually thought that this was awesome!
My pre-Christmas shopping started early on December 21 - passing by the Lindt "Gold Bears".

On December 24 I went to spend the traditional Christmas dinner with my parents and brother. Which includes a card playing tournament, "Coiffeur Jass". My father and I won again this year!
My mother, lighting the real candles on the tree!
Time for some culture! Unfortunately I had only learned about the concert on December 26 at the Tonhalle when all the good cheap seats were already sold out. So we only got the ones with this view:
So we ended up standing during nearly the entire concert of over 2 hours. It was very enjoyable to hear the beautiful music but also seeing the musicians at their hard work.
Also, it was about 30 years ago that I first heard the "Moldau" on the radio as a kid. I have loved this piece of music ever since and was excited to hear it live for the first time! Awesome!

They also played 2 encores - the Radetzky Marsch and another piece by Johann Strauss that we could not remember the title of, no matter how hard we tried. We tried singing the melody into an iPhone app without success.
Then we sang it to every member of his family who had gathered for dinner. Everybody shouted: "Die Fledermaus"! But it wasn't... Later I finally found out that it was the Tritsch Tratsch Polka.

Then Christmas was through - which was signalled by Migros on December 27 as they started selling Fasnachtschüechli, a traditional carnival sweet.... Note that carnival will take place two months from this date in 2014!
On December 29 I had "Immediate withdrawal symptoms after finishing a TV series… Only this time it's worse than usual - Stargate SG-1 plus Stargate Atlantis, that makes 15 seasons!

But there was a welcome diversion: Since my boyfriend had the great idea to go ice skating when Willow was here I have become kind of addicted! I bought my own boots and we went to try them out in Küsnacht . The sun sets early in December...

And that's the last picture for 2013!