Fuerteventura - Doing the off-off season

From time to time we need a break and a little bit of surfing. So we decided to add another Canary island to our collection and booked a vacation in Fuerteventura in mid-January.
It's between the Christmas holiday season and the February school sports vacation (which we have in Switzerland so everybody can go skiing - or do other Winter sports).

Very few people therefore travel in January and it shows - when we arrived, ours was the only flight from "outside" besides a few inter-island flights. The  next and already last for the day was scheduled for two hours later from Amsterdam.
So we were actually the only group of people waiting for our luggage in a big hall...
You could also notice it outside when we were waiting for the shuttle bus that would take us to the car rental agency.
In the Summer this area would be full of busses waiting to bring tourists to their hotels.

We drove up to Corralejo which was very easy - there are only villages on this island and a whole lot of empty space between them. Not even trees to block the view! 

Our dinner was a picknick by the pool. Whenever Olivier goes shopping for food it's alwas as if he feels that he has to feed a bunch of starving refugees! So the "few snacks" he bought for the trip turned out to be a lot of sandwiches and pastries. And it's not as if they don't give you a hot meal on Edelweiss Air!
So we sat on deck chairs under the moon and stars and ate the rest of the snacks.
Our apartment complex is called Las Marismas de Corralejo and we have a nice two room appartment with a kitchenette. So breakfast on the balcony is definitely on :-)
I'll have to find out what Marismas means but apparently it has to do with a bunch of stones.
We took a walk to a nearby bar that's owned by a Belgian guy who has a big cocktail menu and 80's music videos playing all night long.
If I can't go to Honolulu, at least I'll drink a Blue Hawai'i
Robert Palmer watching over us
When we got back to the hotel we went to bed soon because we were not feeling so well.
Apparently we both had thought it would be a great idea to catch a cold just before going on vacation!