Fuerteventura - Dunes, shops and a lot of wind

Tuesday was very windy and slightly overcast. We drove down to the beach beside the two big resort hotels - which are by the way the two highest buildings I have seen here so far.
From there we walked first along the water and then through the sand dunes.
Looking back: hotels, islands of Lobos and Lanzarote
As we started to walk back we discovered a bar that had just opened and took a little break there, protected from the strong wind.
Sand patterns
Once we got back to the car we headed for a local supermarket to get some groceries. These are the things that local people seem to like a lot: seafood and olive oil!
After a snack and a siesta at the hotel we went out again to visit a cave nearby that had been closed the day before - only to find out that it was not going to be open for a while due to falling rocks.

Well, I have quite a good map app and came up with a plan B right away.
Driving in Fuerteventura is very easy. There is little traffic and most streets are very in excellent condition.
However this time we took a short cut which was more like a dirt road but not too bad. And we soon reached the regular road to El Cortillo, another fishermen's village on the west coast.
We drove all the way out to the lighthouse. 
It was extremely windy there and I was glad for my thin but windproof jacket!
We followed an educational path around the lighthouse that teaches you about the stones you see.

Returning to the village of El Cotillo we found the harbor through a labyrinth of one way streets.
More dramatic waves in the evening sun!

There is a Mexican restaurant with a great view and wonderful food. It was even protected from the wind so we could sit outside.
Very yummy food!
On the way home we went into Corralejo proper for the first time - and were surprised to find an actual lively center with loads of shops and restaurants.
It was quite a change from the quiet villages we were used to! We even had to drive a few rounds to find s parking space.
We walked around a bit and went into a pub. But all that wind had made us kind of tired so we didn't stay out too long. Instead we decided to have a longer look at it the next day.