Fuerteventura - Exploring Corralejo

I had booked a massage at a place outside of the hotel in the morning and walked there towards 9 AM. It turned out to be a small wooden house inside a pretty appartment structure. The massager was a lady from the UK and she did a really good job relaxing my back and leg muscles.

On the way back I walked through a little mall which I noted for later. I only needed to buy water and more tissues because we use a lot of those these days!

After another breakfast on the balcony we walked back into town. It was less windy and therefore warmer than the day before. There was the usual mix of touristy shops and restaurants with food from all over the world.
Waiting for customers...
From the long main shopping street we followed a signd to the "Waikiki Beach Club" - how could we not?
It led us to the beach. 
From where we continued walking - water to the right, dozens of little restaurants to the left.
We strolled all the way to the harbor and then made our way back through the many little streets where Oli was attacked by a frog!
But he survived and soon after that went on a shopping spree. First in a shop called Blanc du Nil that sells only white cotton clothes where he got some pants and shirts.
And then we found out that some of the surf shops here carry Sanük sandals which we usually buy in Honolulu. Oli wears the all the time and was very happy to buy two more pairs.
Yes, the man did all the shopping, I didn't buy anything! Maybe later...

Then we went back to the seaside and had much needed hamburgers outside a cozy restaurant. This too was under British management - those Brits sure like it here!
We had a good view on the waves and found out that for this particular area, stand up paddling seemed to be more successful than surfing because the waves start far out and you can get there faster with a paddle.

We continued walking along the beach to go home.
And we took the "shortcut" through the mall I had found in the morning where Oli bought a pair of bathing shorts... He just can't get enough!

When we arrived at the hotel after sunset we had a little Internet session in the lobby - and by the time we walked on to our apartment, the full moon was rising.
We had enough action for the day and decided to have a movie night, connecting the iPad to the TV. Hurray for technology!