Fuerteventura - Off road safari

As it was announced that there might be even more wind on Saturday we didn't go surfing again. Instead we had a lazy morning and left for our next adventure at noon.

I am the co-pilot and therefore respnsible for telling Oli where to drive. I wanted to go off the beaten track, so I sent him north and out of town - which turned out to be just a dirt road. It passed by the water refinery which is powered by two large windmills.
I had never gotten so close to a modern windmill, they are really big and impressive!
If you listen closely, you can hear the swoosh-swoosh sound they make:

We also walked around a bit, looking up and down.
One of thousands of abandoned houses on the island
Local flora
Ants - some of the few animals I have seen here
What used to be sea life...
As we drove on we ended up here:
There was exactly one surfer out in the waves. Others stopped by, watched the waves for some minutes and the got back into their cars.
The beach was next to a tiny village.
And just a few minutes from there we arrived at a big fat roundabout - they are very popular on this island. But this one seemed to be in the middle of nowhere!
On one side there had apparently been a plan to build a promenade by the sea but it was abandonned... They are probably waiting for the resort behind the hill to expand.
We have noticed on other occasions that roads get built far in advance of the houses that they will eventually lead to. Including street lamps.
At least we where on a decent road again, leading straight to Lajares.
We wanted to climb up a volcano, but first we needed some food. Provided by this surprisingly stylish restaurant that had been built into an old house.
After some delicious salads and cakes we were ready...
Actually, from this angle we didn't see that there were two volcanos side by side, and this one was just the warm up for the Calderon Hondo, the main attraction.
We started hiking up on the left side, over the red earth...
Halfway up - ah, here's the second volano!

After maybe 10 minutes it suddenly started to rain - first just a drizzle, but then really heavily, with the wind from the sea literally blowing the water at us!
We just walked on, trusting our experience that it wouldn't last long. And we were right.
The rain clouds travelling on.
Nearly there! It was really steep!
On the top! Looking back at where we came from.
The crater in front of us
The land had turned from brown to light green with all the little plants soaking up the water.
The sand dunes by the sea
Walking around the crater...
Before the path got really narrow...
Looking down on the other side
And this is how the lazy people walk up the hill... It's also the way we took to go down.
Twin peaks
Into the land
On the road again to what Oli thought would be a way up to another volcano.
Stone walls all over the island
The road ended by what looked like an abandoned farm house with goats and chicken.
Just as I wanted to get out of the car for a closer look, a big barking dog came running towards us! So we prefered to leave...

But I saw a rainbow!
We tried another road to a volcano right beside Corralejo, bit wasn't very successful either.
At least we had a view over the town.
So we returned to the hotel for some rest.

In the evening we went to an Indian restaurant. You might have noticed that  we didn't have much of the local cuisine, but that's because a lot of the restaurants are managed by foreigners. There are dozens of Asian places, mostly Chinese or "fusion" - whatever they mean by that.
We preferred a "real" Indian!

While walking back we gave our poor feet a treat - and dinner for the fish:
It tickels!