Fuerteventura - Rain or Shine

When I woke up the first time on Thursday it was raining outside. So I just turned around and slept some more. We had a lazy morning during which the sun came out enough for a breakfast on the balcony - just for the rain to come back half an hour later.
The weather kept changing during the day and we were glad  to have our car and just started driving down the coast.
Our first stop was near Parque Holandes where we spotted a special kind of ruin close to the road.
It wasn't an old building but a new structure, some kind of hotel comlex that had bee abandoned before it was even finished.
We drove on south to Puerto del Rosario, the capital of the island. But it didn't look very interesting so we didn't even stop until we got to Caleta del Fuste.
This is a purely touristic village which has been built around a bay with a large sandy beach. Nothing but hotels, bungalows, restaurant, shops and some attractions like a Thalasso center. But it was quite nicely maintained. We strolled along the sea and through the village and had a little lunch. 
This time I was nearly eaten by a dolphin!
They certainly had the most amount of grass I had seen all week on this island! In our own hotel the garden is all rocks, pebbles and succulent plants - to match the climate.

For a bit of culture and education we finally made it to our first real museum in the nearby Salinas del Carmen.
The salt museum is all about the history of salt in general and the salt industry of the Canary Islands in particular.
They also have a real life example. This is where the water is collected from the foam of the waves.
Then it goes through different basins to heat up.
Until the salt crystallizes and is collected.
We made a detour via Antigua on the way home because according to our travel guide app there were some attractions to see.
Well, as in previous cases the turned out not to be very spectacular - and the windmill museum with the island's largest windmill was closed because they apparently were working on adding a cheese museum to it...
But there was also a nice garden around it.

Back home we went for an early evening drink and decided to finally book a surfing excursion with the surf school that was just across the street from the bar. Our colds had gotten better and we thought we could risk it. After all, this is what we came here for! So we were looking forward to the next day.