Fuerteventura - Surfing!

On Friday morning we walked over to the surf shop where we met our instructor and a couple from Barcelona. Together we drove to a beach near El Votillo that was supposed to have the best conditions for us.

Our surf instructor was originally from Italy and Oli who was in the passenger seat had a lively chat with him on the way.
It was great to be in the water again but the waves were a bit difficult. Not too high but very strong with a lot of wind coming from the sea.
I tried my best and caught a few waves but never got higher than standing on my knees because the waves were wobbly.
Oli was more successful and got to stand up a few times.
The couple from Barcelona on the other hand were beginners and had a rather hard time as did most of the people who were there with the other surf schools. Some switched over to body boards.

With the fllood coming in it became harder and so in the end I simply let the  board on the beach and went jumping around in the water and body surfing which is always fun. And Oli got to try out the waterproof case for his iPhone to take pictures.

We had been at it for a few hours so when we got back home we were very hungry. 
After a quick shower we walked into town and to the Waikiki restaurant - first of all because it seemed to be a fitting place after surfing and second because it's the nearest beach restaurant.
We had wonderful burgers and dessert which we all ate with great appetite.

Just two minutes after this picture was taken it suddenly started raining and everybody grabbed their food and drinks and ran inside. 

Just as earlier rainy phases this day it only lasted 5 minutes. So after we had finished our desserts it was fine to walk home.
We made a little detour through a shopping mall where I finally gave in to the Rebajas (sales) and bout a few cheap tops.

We had enough action for the day so I did my manicure and read a book while Oli took a nap and later we watched a film together. After all, a vacation should also be relaxing!