Züri Fäscht 2013

Every 3 years, Zürich turns into one big party in early July - the Züri Fäscht occupies a large space in the center and along both lakesides.
Of course I was there, and I took not one but two ferris wheel rides!

On Friday I met up with a tango friend for my first round:
 It was still early - in just a few hours this street would be very crowded!
 Among the thousands of attractions there was a zeppelin!

 Lars, trying on a police bicycle!
 One of the great air shows

We walked around for hours, had a sausage and watched the fireworks (with music!) until late that night.

On Saturday I went out with Willow - after we had finished our dance gigs. Which meant that we  started at midnight and went from Paradeplatz to Rüdenplatz - where we danced like maniacs for about 2 hours! 
Made a little round over the Quai Bridge and finished off with a ride on the big ferris wheel.
You might think that we didn't get very far, but our feet will tell you a different story! They where very glad when we got back on our bicycles to ride home at 4 AM....

We  Zürich!
Light projections on the towers of Grossmünster
Party everywhere!
 My ultimate goal...
Doing about 17 dance styles at once - to some kind of music that I don't even know the name of. Loads of beats and sound effects....
We had to stop when the floor got so sticky that we could hardly lift our feet!

The expressive dancer! We had quite an audience - and all we got in return was an apple shorley :-)

We quit the dance floor and walked on at 3 AM - there was still a large crowd!

Miss Willow is getting her drug fix...
Quai bridge
"Switzerland is so clean!"
We finished our round and were back at the Fraumünster around 3:30 AM. It's the time when people from out of town start asking you: "Where is the train station?" and "How long does it take to walk to the China park?" With this amount of people still around? About 3 hours...

Finally on the ferris wheel!

View on the Münsterhof - Caliente! At 3:45 AM


Trash diving...
Time to go home. Really!