Some things age better than others...

While going through all my possessions to re-organize them, I found a lot of old stuff. And when I contemplated about why I keep certain things and let go of others I noticed a big difference:

Judging by the sticker this hole punch has been with me for about 35 years - through my school times and adult life. The only reason I am replacing it is that it's getting harder to punch holes, probably the springs are tired or the blades blunt.
I bought a new one that besides a shiny silver color still looks exactly the same - the principal of punching holes into paper has not been revolutionized over the last over 100 years :-)

But when I looked through my electronics, I found a very different picture:
These machines are now all combined into one iPhone that can do all of their jobs - just better!
Just to think that a few years ago all of these gadgets were considered to be the hight of technology... Remember when you were "it" if you had one of those Razor Motorolas?
And my Palm was just one in many - I think from Palm III on I had every new model that came out - and I never missed my paper agenda once!

By the way, I am keeping the phone and the photo camera, just in case...