The Home Improvement Project continues

By the time I am through with all of this I will probably have touched every single object I own :-)

Interestingly, organizing my cellar took less than an hour. I have mostly big things there (unlike the 1000 little things in my office drawer) and it was mostly a question of arranging them in a different way so that I could finally walk all the way to the shelves and reach my stuff there.
There is still room for improvement, so no picture yet...

My desk/drawer area is also probably going to be a work in progress for another while, I keep shifting things around until I find the perfect place for everything.

And I started collecting all the cables and cords that I find around the apartment. There's a big cable drawer in my living room that is in desperate need of cleaning out - but I will wait a little with that. I probably need a bit of assistance from my boyfriend to identify all the cables. He's the cable master!

So yes, by now I have arrived in the living room. If you just walk in there you would think that it's rather tidy. But there are several drawers and cabinets to work on. Some of them I haven't opened in a very long time....
Which is supported by the fact that I still found quite a bunch of music cassettes and VHS tapes! I have given away my VHS player a while ago so I can't even watch them anymore. So out they go!

But I also have a lot of DV tapes for my video camera with tons of dance material on them that I might actually use if only I could find what I was looking for! Performances, workshops, choreographies... Some of the tapes are not labelled correctly or only vaguely and I had to look through some of them to see what is actually on them.

It took me an entire evening but I went from to get from this:

to this:
Yes my friends. Color coding. Including MATCHING RUBBERBANDS! Because that's just how I roll!
Now I might actually use some of that material, especially the blue videos which have tons of dancing from my Beirut trips on them.

It was definitely worth it. But I am glad that I won't have to do it again since I prefer using my iPhone for filming nowadays since the quality is actually better!