The Home Improvement Project

When I am not travelling (yes, it happens!) I like to have a nice home.
In earlier years it meant that I sometimes changed my furniture - this is why I like to buy stuff that has wheels!
But at the moment I am quite happy with where everything is. But I felt the need to change the inside of my closets, drawers and cupboards.
There were some first signs of the oncoming storm during my shoe crisis in October and the moment I re-arranged my bathroom closet on January.

The final inspiration was when I found Alejandra's channel for home organizing on YouTube.
After watching a few of her videos I was very motivated to take on my bed room closet - big time!

Some of the main things I realized in the process:
  • It's important to make everything easily accessible. If there is one box on top of another, it's always unpractical when you want something in the box below.
  • The thing you use the most should be where you can reach them best.
  • And the most revolutionizing thing which is kind of related to the first point: instead of piling up shirts, sweaters and pants and making it a real pain in the butt to reach the garments on the bottom, store them horizontally! It makes life so much easier!

She's talking about t-shirts in this video, but I also use the technique for sweaters and pants.

Of course changing my way of storing clothes also meant that I needed to change the layout of my closet and buying some new basket drawers and shelves. But it was worth it!
Here's a little documentation about the process. There is no "before" picture, but the others still illustrate how I changed around until I got to the final result - and I might still re-arrange some things later when I find that they aren't perfect yet.

Before order, there must be chaos!
 First version - using whatever material I had available
 After I bought more shelves and mesh drawers
 Current version - after living with it for about a week.
Yes, I like transparent plastic boxes. How did you know that? :-)
They maximize space and make it easy to see where everything is.

I also definitely know now that I have enough clothes... well, I spent all my money on plastic boxes and other items for organization this month anyway!

And of course, once you're on a roll, don't stop!

My desk and office section were the next to be attacked.
I have been the victim of lost or misplaced papers because I never had a good place for my "to do" letters, bills etc. Usually they ended up in a pile on my printer which is not really what the printer is for...
I also used to put my gadgets on my desk while charging where they sometimes got in the way.

My idea was to use a magazine holder - but none of those I found online were the right size and I didn't find anything good in the shops.

It's always useful to know how to sew! I ended up making my own iPad and paper holder that I can hang on the side of my desk.

 I made an extra opening here for my charging cable
 Voilà, empty desktop! I am rather proud of the result!

You know how easy it is to ignore the mess that you have inside a drawer? Just close it and everything looks fine...
I decided that I could do better than that! Who would have thought that two simple office drawers would take me so much time?
I also attacked the little drawers under my desk (see picture above).
After I cleared out everything and distributed it on the floor I hardly knew where to start!
I sorted out a LOT of pens - there were at least a dozen that had dried out so I just threw them away.
Some drawing material will go to a children's daycare since I just don't use it anymore.

Again I went along the rule that what you need most often should be the most easy to reach.

I have to tell you that if feels good to be able to open a drawer and not fear what you are going to see!
There is no picture of the result since I plan to do some more re-arranging there.

So now that I have come to the conclusion that I have enough clothes I went looking for inspiration... There are some cute boxes I would like to use - but I first have to figure out what to put inside of them!
I am a big fan of these Indian metal boxes, they're so cute!

And this is just part one!
Next are my cellar and my living room.... Stay tuned!