Home improvement project - my flower window and jewelry organization

This video got me thinking...
Actually so much that it totally ruined my dance practice that night!
When I'm at home I dance in my living room - and my brain was so hyperactive that I kept seeing little things that needed changing everywhere. But the main piece which kind of was the same case as the post box in the video was this:

This is a so-called "flower window". It's a high window in a thick wall and apparently often used to keep flowers. I on other hand like to sit there in the summer, hence the red pillow.
It goes out to the street, facing other buildings and as you see if there are no curtains, you can peep into other people's homes.
As I not only dance in my living room but it's also where my guests sleep, I wanted to ensure some privacy but not cover it up completely.
So I came up with this cool string curtain. Which I never properly attached. So on the right side it's held by a safety pin and a hook from a previous curtain and on the left side it's just stuck into the window. Classy, right? No! I decided that night, something had to change. Stop dancing, take out iPhone to write the material I need into my shopping list.

(I abandonned my dance practice after 20 minutes because it was hopeless with so little concentration...)

The next day I bought some sticker hooks and metal rings - 15 minutes later I had fixed a problem that had taken me YEARS to even come up with such a simple solution! And what's more, I can finally open this window again without the curtain falling down.

Then there was also the equivalent of the medicine cabinet in the video - my jewelry collection.
As mentioned, I am a dancer, of several dance styles.
This means that beside the usual fashion jewelry I have rhinestone stuff for Oriental dance, "tempel jewellery" for classical Indian dance, Indian bling for Bollywood dance and heavy "silver" adornments for Tribal Style dance.

And no matter how many times I tidied up my glitter things, the next time I came home from a performance or just took off my earrings they would lie around on my night stand for days or even weeks befor I put them away - because it was just not practical to fight my way through all the boxes.

I also wear my "civilian" jewelry far too seldom because it's in some boxes that are normally covered by other heavy boxes containing the performance bling.
So my most important goal was to make my normal jewelry more accessible.

I searched the Internet for solutions on "jewelry organization", but what turned up most frequently were some "pretty" and "decorative" ideas that mostly consist in hanging a bunch of necklaces into a picture frame or something similar.
Well, I did that when I was in my early twenties, but I had far less stuff by then!
Also I don't like clutter on my walls.

But I took the basic idea - because I really prefer to see my jewelry at a glance instead of having to go throug a messy pile in a plastic box.
So I bought these thick felt sheets and cut them into 3 pieces. Just by coincidence they fit perfectly into my plastic drawers!
Then I spent many hours sitting on my bedroom floor... The felt is really thick and sturdy - which is what I wanted, but it also makes it hard to push the earrings through it. So I had to use some pointy tool first to make a hole for every piece.

Now I also know that I should not buy anymore chunky silver and black earrings... I have enough! But there is room left for small red and green ones.
One day I would love to post comments on every one of these 10 sheets - but I think I will wait until after my trip to Istanbul - who knows what I will find there...
Yes, there are some earrings that don't have a partner - but I live in the hope that some of them will turn up again. I already found some missing pieces while doing this.

I also condensed the contents of the remaining boxes so that I would have as few containers left as possible. This makes it easier to find the right ones in the drawers (3 blue and 2 small clear boxes went out).

Now there are only two levels of boxes instead of three and there is even extra space for some bangles and watches.

I replaced some bulky plastic baskets with aluminum baking forms and suddenly my bangles drawers looks so much better.
By the way the two round containers in the front corners once held Lego stones. This is why I always keep transparent plastic boxes, you never know when they will be just the thing you need to store something!
And this is how the drawers look from the front. I like it!