More home improvement - living room

Thanks to an attack of the common cold that threw me into bed for 1,5 days last weekend I didn't advance as fast with my re-organization as I thought. But little by little I am getting there...

One of the most dreaded things was to clean up my CD and DVD collection. I might have looked OK from afar - but there were sections that were over-stuffed and others that had lost their structure.
There were empty spaces in the boxes - not very efficient! I took all the videos out of their big hard covers and put them into slim paper and plastic sleeves.
So in the end I was able to eliminate 2 of those black boxes.

I am not usually a big fan of labels, but I felt like the new order deserved some pretty labels,  especially since a lot of things are in a different place now.
The background paper for the labels was a leftover from my drawer linings. 
Yes, I decided to go old school and put lining paper into my drawers, grandma style - I felt that I wanted my new order to be organized AND pretty! Therefore I also bought some plastic boxes with flowers on them.

Remember my collection of cables and electronics? I had one drawer and one box full of stuff....
So I told my boyfriend come over and help me sort out what I still needed and what had to go. A lot of cables that I either had double or even tripple - or that didn't fit into anything I own anymore.
Plus some hopelessly outdated gadgets! 
Here is the big bag that will go to the electronics recycling place.

Now I am in the strange position to have several empty drawers that I don't know what to use for! But I guess "things" will come over time :-)