St. Moritz - Birthday in the snow

"What do you want for your birthday?" he asked on Friday.
Poor boyfriend - he had forgotten my birthday again. But I just said "a ski weekend in St. Moritz!"
Fortunately we were already in the car, driving up the mountains.... So he decided to pay for my ski passes. Good idea!

By the way, you know you're in Switzerland when...
Yes, when there is a post bus in front of you while you are driving over a mountain (I was able to pass by it it at the next stop). Also, see the impressive snow walls?

We arrived at my aunt Maggie's place just in time for lunch. But then it was time to grab out skis and take the Signal cable car up. It passes right over her house, so you can see where we were staying.
The weather was fantastic and the snow mostly good. Olivier had his new snow skate and practiced some 360's.

We had caught the weekend of the "St. Moritz Music Summit" which meant that they had DJs at several of the restaurants - loads of boom boom and outside bars all over the mountains!
There was plenty of snow, so they definitely didn't need the canons! 
Another bar - we had apple juice there at the price of champagne! Well, St. Moritz is not a cheap destination for sure!
And yes, it was warm. I didn't even wear my fancy ski jacket because it would have been much to thick. Instead I wore my normal water-resistant coat.
We really took advantage of the afternoon until the last moment, shortly before all the lifts stopped.
As this had used up all our energy we were glad to stay in that night and have raclette with my aunt for dinner.

Saturday was my birthday! So I got a piece of cake for lunch - and a lot more skiing.

In the evening I invited Olivier and Maggie to a very good dinner at the Innfall restaurant. It's small and cozy but they cook really well - I even liked the spinach with my schnitzel!

Unfortunately, Sunday started rather cloudy. So Oli and I went for a walk in the morning. Again, it wasn't too cold - the ice on the lake is already melting.

But we found the famous "Sun of St. Moritz" after all :-) On several posters that adorn one of the walls in St. Moritz' pride and joy, the new park garage! No kidding, it even got a reward!

 And we took a little stroll through the village.
 Noon time was sweets time....

After lunch, the weather had gotten better, so Oli grabbed his board again and went up the mountain for another round.
I on the other hand wasn't too motivated and went for a walk with Maggie and her dog instead.

And then I just chilled on the sofa and admired the view from the living room window...
It was a nice way to celebrate my birthday and we will be back for more!