St. Moritz - picture book skiing!

I like to go skiing in St. Moritz in March - there is still a lot of snow, not many people and the sun shines much longer than in January. This is the 2010 edition. Get ready for a lot of white and blue :-)

When we arrived on Saturday the weather wasn't very good - so we walked around the village and went shopping...
The trick here is that some of the shops are SO expensive (Bogner anybody? A ski jacket for 1200.- on SALE!!!) that by the time you get to the "expensive but not so much" shops you think that spending "only" a few hundred bucks for a new ski suit is a bargain!
Well my old one was REALLY old, so here I come Jet Set, gimme that new outfit. It has stars on it after all!
Short break to eat the most expensive soup of my life - that's St. Moritz for you...
Dessert for my man!
 Posing in my stylish new ski suit 

 This man was born for boards - no matter what kind!

 All for us alone!

As usual we stayed with my aunt Maggy - and her dog Veena who apparently likes this position to sleep!
 View from the balcony
 View from our room - to the Signal cable car

 Good morning!
 More of the same ;-)

 Going up

And if you want more, here's a little video