Istanbul - new day, new shops, more glitter :-)

On Monday morning we were both finally relaxed enough to tackle a full day of shopping!
Only this time it was Elisa who did most of it, starting on our way up to the metro station.

But I did find some shoes I liked and took a picture so I could think about if I wanted them or not. Note the very important "indirim" sign! It means that they are on sale!
We also got to see the making of a döner: two men piling up meat.
In the long subway corridors there are designated areas for street musicians. These here actually sounded really good.
We went up to Nisantasi and walked along Rumeli Caddesi, a long street with hundreds of shops.

There's also a side street that has nothing but fabric stores. With glitter of course!

We went to several of them because Elisa wanted to have a new tango dress tailored.
The prices varied a lot, some shops had very expensive, high fashion materials.
After some time I reached a point where I needed to see something else than just fabric, so we walked further on Rumeli street, down to the City shopping mall.

I found some well fitting pants and did what every sensible person does: got them in two colors :-)

But not enough glitter for us yet! Later in the afternoon we headed back to Taksim for a little tour of dance costumes. Of course we started at Legend costumes, the place where a lot of my costumes come from - always worth climbing up the stairs to the 5th floor!

Since these costumes are all handmade you can choose the colors - here's Elisa looking for the best color for a skirt to this bra and belt set with Asiye, the designer.
Our next stop was SIM, another favorite costume designer - fortunately they have an elevator!

You can't say there's nothing for you here! Because of the following weekend's festivals all the designers had been producing costumes like crazy.
And no, I didn't buy anything! I still love all the costumes that I have. And since I have a "buy one - sell one" policy I held myself back.

On the other hand, when we went to Necmi Usta, the tango shoe maker, I had no problems ordering yet another pair of tango shoes! Well, they are much cheaper than dance costumes...

Of course this took a lot of time as well, especially since other customers kept coming in and out.

When we wanted to leave the elevator was busy so we simply walked down the stairs - only to suddenly hear the sound of tango music... 
We peeped through the door and found a tango lesson! The teachers allowed us to sit and watch for a moment.
It was quite interesting to see how they organized their lesson. There were about a dozen pairs in a relatively small space, dancing around like in a real milonga. And after every song they automatically switched partners.
Since our last snack had been hours ago in Nisantasi, it was time for dinner! Just a few doors up the road we dropped into "Wok your way", a chain where you can choose your own noodles and ingredients.
Food makes us happy!
Elisa was still ready to shop, but I was totally exhausted - by the time I got back to the hotel it was 9:30 and we had been out for about 11 hours! 

No tango this night...