Istanbul - Oops, I went shopping... for glitter!

When we went to bed we still thought we had a quiet room... until the morning. The  room is facing away from the street but right to the next building where they are doing construction work. Even on Sunday morning!

I went to breakfast by myself because Elisa wanted to sleep in. But when I returned I found her awake and miserable. She had already had very little sleep the night before. And not being able to sleep at least 8 hours totally crushed her.

I went down to the reception and hardly finished the sentence "Could we change our room?" when the receptionist already said "We will change your room!" as if he had been waiting for it.
Apparently they had been completely booked out the night before but now there was more space.

I quickly packed my stuff and made it ready to be moved. Elisa took her time to get ready and also have breakfast. She wanted to go to the Italian language service at the nearby church at 11:30.

So I went out by myself at about 10:15 - many of the shops were still closed, therefore I started with the open ones.
Yes, I know that I had said that I wouldn't do much shopping this time, but then.... After a little "warm up session" at an accessories store I went to many shoe shops looking for grey shoes, as they are always so hard to find. And of course the best pair I found so far were glittery!

This was at the Demirören mall.

That place truly is bigger on the inside - all the 3 MediaMarkt floors are underground!

And why would I even go there when we have one at home? Well, they sell different things here in Turkey!

Such a quiet washing machine...

Sometimes you see something in a shop and the thought of it is still haunting you the next day. It happened to me with all those glittery clothes we had seen the night before. I had to go back and try them on - plus a dozen other items.

Cue the changing room selfie!

We need a glitter filter here to show you how much sparkle there is on this Outfit!

My lack of sleep finally set in and I went back to the hotel where I put all my new things on display for Elisa. Yes, I got the glitter pants! I plan to wear them for a Bollywood disco number :-)

Our search for lunch led us just around the corner to the Ficcin restaurant for some lovely köfte - but then I really had to take a nap. Elisa soon went to bed as well to catch up on some hours of sleep.

When I woke up again I let her get some more rest. I went out and walked down the street where I found not only more shops (surprise!) but also observed some interesting scenes like this man in an art gallery, taking a picture of a man sleeping outside.

By Retro is a famous second hand store - more like Aladdin's cave! It's an underground labyrinth filled with clothes and accessories and apparently very popular with film stylists.

I looked at some dresses but I was completely overwhelmed. I think you need some kind of plan to go shopping here!

I also found a shop that had a "5 for the price of 4" sale on fishnet stockings - just what a tango dancer needs!

Empty promises... 

The bunny says walk this way!
Popular tourist motif: the tram trying to make its way through the sea of people...
And the I saw this guy. Where did he come from?
Chilling on the hotel roof....
For dinner we went to the Thai restaurant next door - it was actually Elisa's birthday and we celebrated it with some very yummy food.

Our hotel is so conveniently located that not only the good  restaurants, shops and a church are close by - the walk to this night's milonga took no longer than 3 minutes!

This being Sunday it starts early and we got there at around 9 PM.

There's a tradition that if somebody has their birthday, they get a dance all for themselves, taking turns with many different partners.
By coincidence it was another woman's birthday, and when they announced it I quickly went to the organizer and told her that it was my friend's birthday too! So Elisa got her special round.

That background actually is a window with a great view over Istanbul!

We stayed until midnight - having a busy day planned for Monday.