Istanbul - Time to say goodbye...

I tried to sleep as long as possible on Sunday morning - which of course was by far not as much as I would have needed to recover from the last few days!

But we also needed to pack and check out of the hotel by noon.

I had contacted Lara, the dancer who I had stayed with the year before. She came to meet us in the lobby and we took a short walk to a small old bazaar nearby that had a lovely open air cafe and restaurant.
We hadn't even had breakfast, so we went to the restaurant first for a light meal of mostly vegetables.
When we started taking pictures of each other the waiter brought us a turban and two lady hats to pose in!

This is the underground restaurant that's in the same location. Looks like a plan for another time!
Shisha cafe in the court - I couldn't decide on the best angle, so you get both.

Pretending to be awake!
We always like to find a Migros!
And then we said good bye to Lara, grabbed our luggage and went to catch the metro.
On our way to the airport we stopped shortly at the Topkapi station.

I ran out to the festival hotel where they had the DVDs of all the shows already for sale (that's really fast, impressive!) so I got them and ran back down to where Elisa was waiting for me on a bench.

One smooth flight later we were back in lovely Zurich where all the airport staff was wearing short sleeves to remind us that it had been warmer back home than in Istanbul for a change!

I was sooooo tired and so glad that Oliver came to pick me up and drive me home. One thing a trip to Istanbul is not: Relaxing...