Never enough Istanbul!

11 years after I first took my friend Elisa along to Istanbul, we're doing round two!

She is actually the reason I started to learn tango because she wanted to go to the milongas here. It helps that she is a tango teacher :-)

After some delays in the airport and traffic we arrived at the Grand Hotel de Londres. 
It's one of my favorites here for its old time charms even though that means that some parts of it show its age. But we got a quiet room and that matters!
They also have a great roof terrace that we checked out shortly before hitting the street.

The street, my dears, is of course Istiklal Caddesi in its full early Saturday evening glory! Thousands of people walking up and down - and us, with two goals: money exchange and food!

We got both and did some window shopping on the way back down, with special entertainment from a life band on a driving tram from time to time.

There was some serious glitter going on in the shops!

Back at the hotel we got ready for the milonga.
And because we went by two I can actually show you pictures of us dancing. 
Well, it's a little dark there.

They played great music and at one point I just had to go to the DJ and ask for the singer because he had such a lovely voice.

We had some good dances and left at about 1:20. Elisa was hungry again, so after walking through some of the side streets where the nightlife was in full action with bands and DJs contesting for who could play the loudest music, we sat down in front of a small restaurant where we shared some sigaret böreg and Elisa had fried mussels.
So it was 2:30 when I finally went to bed...