Sri Lanka - Ayurveda, beach and river tour

After one week of driving all over Sri Lanka in July 2003...
When we arrived at our final destination I was sooooo tired, I think I slept for an entire day!

Fortunately we were staying at a very nice hotel, the Lanka Princess in Beruwala. And since July is off-season we each got a double room to herself. Plus beauty-wellness-ayurveda treatments. Because we are worth it!

Look at that big room!

Checking out the Ayurvedic buffet
But then we always headed over to the desserts. They make phantastic chocolate cakes here!
And we convinced ourselves that if something makes us so happy when we eat it, it must be healthy!
View from my room
Very important: the pool
Actually, we had quite a full program with all those massages, baths and other treatments. It's hard work relaxing!
There were several massages that required you to lay down for an hour afterwards to let the body absorb the effects.

But actually, also found all of this very relaxing not only for the body but also the mind and general attitude. Most of the treatments involved some kind of oil. So it became kind of pointless to try and get it off your skin and out of your hair every time. In fact, most of the guests were walking around in ugly brown, oily robes during most of the day - and so were we. It was kind of refreshing to realize that you can be out of the room with no make-up and messy hair and the world won't end!

Every morning at 7 AM we went to the beach for a session of tai chi
They also offered meditation sessions on one of the little islands, but I quickly found out that I am not born to meditate...
Since the hotel is a bit far from the next village, this is how we went shopping: ordering tailor-made clothes.
Evening animation. Most of the time we went to bed early though.

One day we went on a little river tour - just to encounter more bats in the trees!
Coming from the beach by Bentota this is what the river looks like

Traditional boat
Some people live by the river, in nice little houses...
Find the animal...
Wild pineapple plants
Market by the water

Cute guide
Back at the tailor's with new clothes!
Hotel palms- we spent a lot of our time here...
More beach life
The tailor shops
One of the "beach boys" our driver felt compelled to warn us about. 
Come on, a little eye candy can't hurt!
Beach walk
On the island in front of the island
There go the crabs

Standing in the waves -  this was before my surfing days, but somehow I felt that there was something missing....