Sri Lanka - Round trip part 1

My friend Mona and me went on a 3 weeks trip to Sri Lanka in July 2003. 
The first week was dedicated to a tour around the country, visiting the famous sights with the help of own personal driver.

We started with Sigirya, a 180 meters high rock on which in the 5th century there used to be a fort.

 Park at the bottom of the rock
 Buddhist monks used to live here
 Ready to climb up!
 No wait - you want me to go up THERE?  That's just a tiny little metal stair!
OK, I did it with a lot of moral support from Mona, although I nearly died of fear!
I was rewarded with the famous "cloud girls" (also 5th century)

 Yes, it was possible to climb up to the very top. Which I flat out refused to do!
 But I still got a great view on the artificial lakes.

 A small stop on the way
 with a gigantic Buddha statue
Next historical site: the royal citadel of Polonnaruwa
Reception hall

The termites did a lot of work here...
Vatadage temple
And another temple

Apparently thousands of monks used to live here!

One of the Buddhas of Gal Vihara
On the road again. A lot of green...
...behind an ancient artificial lake
To the cave temple of Damulla
It's always a long way up - and a beautiful view!

looking back at the entrance
An ayurvedic garden

VERY important plant: Cocoa!

There is an ointment and a potion for every problem
We also found a Hindu temple for a change
Learning how to drape a sari the Sri Lankan way
Shopping in the streets of Kandy

First class view from our hotel window
Dance show in the evening

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