Sri Lanka - Round trip part 2

Part 2 of our week of driving around Sri Lanka in 2003 - find Part 1 here

Elephant sanctuary - time for a bath!

 Traditional wedding dresses at a wedding just around the corner from the elephants

Those black dots in the trees are really big bats - "flying dogs"
Botanical garden of Kandy

Temple with a tooth of Buddha
More views over Kandy

Tea processing factory

One for my collection of "turban styles"
Over the mountains - waterfalls

View from the hotel room in Nuwara Eliya - it was cold and rainy so I preferred to stay inside.
vegetable fields
Tea plantations
Short stop in a typical village

another waterfall
Safari time in the national park. Unfortunately my camera didn't have a zoom...

Water buffalos 
Those are crocodiles by the pond. Most boring animals EVER! They just hang around with their mouths open, doing nothing...
And suddenly we were by the sea!

Temple with scenes from Buddha's life

So many lovely details

Welcome to hell!
Various sins and how you will be punished for them...

Galle - where young couples like to meet on the fort's walls

Baby turtles in a breeding station
I believe I can fly....
Albino turtle
Ready to hatch
Holding babies
After an eventful week we needed to relax! Read about our experience at the ayurvedic hotel and the beaches in Part 3