3 days of time travel - Medieval festival in Zürich

Every three years, the association I am a member of, the Gesellschaft zu Fraumünster organizes a medieval market and spectacle. It's a lot of work but so much fun for us and the visitors!

My boyfriend is a part of the "living chess" theater that was played several times during these 3 days. Now I have my knight in shining armor!

Getting water the old fashioned way
A little bit of posing around the church and former monastery. 
I made the under-dress, bags and headdress myself, the tunic is hand sewn.
During the 3 days the actors of the chess play also did short scenes all over the market. 
For example: Going to the tournament
Olivier attacks!
Annette at the church door
The pretty couple
The "living chess" - a half improvised theater piece.
Ladies at work
making a wooden pot
There's even a ferris wheel for me!
Views from the wheel

And off again
Many busy hands are making it happen - and sometimes they need a break...
Vegetable stew, cooked over a fire
The Medicus and his next victim
More posing
Theater scene about the founding legend of the Fraumünster monastery
With lovely harp music
A very tired knight...
Theater scene at the soap maker's booth

Theater scene of two knights going shopping
Testing the arrows
Mirror selfie!
Dragon, Medicus and me
This man sells little felt mice that move on a string. 
One mouse was driving this dog absolutely crazy!
Of course there were also hundreds of tourists walking through the market. And all of us had to pose for pictures! Here's a group of Iraki ladies who live in Australia.
At work - I was born to sell stuff on markets! Hear me shout out the goods!
Lovely evening scene on Saturday evening: The Grossmünster in the sunset
Back to the market on Sunday morning: Asian tourists learning how to make a nail
Children having fun on the ferris wheel
 A theater scene: "too much loving" - Zuviel der Minne
Played out of the windows of a guild's house
 It ended badly for the knight!
 Old scene carved in stone
 More lunch!
 Posing with the drunk watchman
 Theater scene: The money lender
 The tallest visitor in the entire market - he was huge!

Now I am tired and exhausted but it was so worth it!