Art Excursion - Bruno Weber Skulpturenpark

Bruno Weber was a well known Swiss artist who built his own dream house and park near Zurich. Olivier and I had never seen it, so we went there together with his aunt and uncle who had known Mr. Weber for many years.
More information about the artist and his park.

Turns out it's not only a great place in general but a real treat for a mosaic lover like me!

This is the house that the artist built for himself in the background. Plus an artificial pond with a snake bridge and a "dolphin" fountain.

Inside the house: The dining room with a barbecue table
Around the house
 The Wise Men
 Ornaments and paintings

Walking around - the house is built close to the forest
 Olivier, riding the snake!
 The Finger-Lion shows the way

 Ernest and Lily were once invited for dinner up there!
 It's a bird - it's a grill
 The pond with winged dogs and a spider
 Walking around the pond 

Sitting on sculptures...

 Inside the exhibition hall
Chilling by the fountain
 Eaten by the fireplace!
You know how I appreciate a nicely done toilet!
 Peakocks everywhere!