Montreux - just some pretty, colorful pictures

We haven't been too fortunate with the weather these past weekends in Montreux. Even if it wasn't raining, it was just a bit too cold for July / August. So no bikini pictures :-) I didn't go swimming once!
In fact, last weekend I was VERY lazy (except for the hike on Friday).

But I took some nice pictures anyway. Attention, this is when I had just put up my new Instagram account, so it's gonna get all artsy / filtery...

When there are no children around I am always the first to get up. So I take my breakfast down by the lake, on the steps of the terrace. 
 Never enough pictures of the sunsets on Lake Geneva!

 As long as I breathe, I hope. What a great motto!
 The bonus of rain: a little rainbow
 Sunday afternoon was actually quite nice. Time to bring out the fishermen!
These two young guys actually caught several fish.
Sun glitter on the lake - I had to take at least a dozen pictures to get the one with the best effect. 
See the sailboat on the horizon?