Staring sheep, happy pigs and a hike around the Dent de Jaman

Looks familiar?
Maybe because I was here two weeks ago. It's on the Col de Jaman. This time I was prepared and ready to hike up the mountains with my boyfriend Olivier.
So we drove up there on August 1st - taking the opportunity of the national holiday to see something of our beautiful country.

Up here they keep their animals relatively freely. Cows are scattered all over the mountain sides and the pigs look much more happy to dig around the dirt than in the meat factories. 
There are of course posters "Have you picked your pig?" Yes you can choose which one you want to take home to eat, packed up neatly in plastic...

Swiss cowgirl!
Mountain flowers
A pond in the green
Those city folks, they have to photograph every tree!

And then we got to the sheep! Definitely my highlight of this hike.
The were grazing and constantly calling to each other "määäääh! määääh!"
(These are Swiss sheep, they don't say bah - I listened carefully!)
I filmed them extensively - some of them noticed it and stared at me like this:
And yes, they just roam around the mountains without fences. There is however a sheperd who looks after them but he stays in the background.

Walking up and up
The Dent de Jaman, let's go up there!
Another way to get here...
What a view! Just to give you an idea: Montreux is 390 meters above sea level - at this position it's about 1800 meters!
It's no wonder some people chose to install their tents here. They were playing music and as we passed we heard "Stairway to Heaven" - how fitting!
Our stairway to heaven...
Backside view
It got very steep and rocky. We were crossed by people who were climbing down with children. So I thought it shouldn't be too difficult.
But then we got here I looked up...
Steep? You bet!
This is where I gave up.
I wasn't even so much concerned with climbing up but down. I'm really not used to this kind of mountain hiking.
So we turned around and took the easy way back (although it was a very narrow path and one had to be careful not to trip and fall down).

Another great view

Part of the rails that we saw before
The animals on this side of the mountain were smaller.

In the end we had walked around the entire Dent de Jaman.
On our way down we stopped in Caux. They have the International Hotel Management School there in a very nice building that is very well visible from down in Montreux.
Cooks on a break
At the train station right beside the hotel
Finally we returned to our little island, passing by this nesting bird who isn't shy to tell you if you are disturbing!
As the evening came...
...there was another lovely sunset.

See the big rocky peak to the left? That's the Dent de Jaman!
The hotel school ion the hill, center right.
Fireworks for Switzerland's "birthday". 
Or as I never tire to say: "Smoke on the water and fire in the sky"