Istanbul - extreme workshopping at Tarazade and airport drama

Question of the day: how do you survive 8 hours of dance workshops at the Tarazade festival?
Make sure you get enough food and water. Well, a lot of sleep would be in the mix as well, but since the first class started at 9 AM and I also had to check out of the hotel and bring my suitcase with me, that wasn't really an option...

But I really wanted to take the 3 hours voi workshop with Zafirah and it was definitely worth it. We worked a lot on different techniques, some that I had already used and some that were new to me. 
I was really inspired and motivated to go back to an existing voi piece I had choreograhed 2 years ago.

When Aziza is teaching workshops, you HAVE to take at least one of them! This one was themed "Regal Oriental" and we learned a very nice choreography with cool details, like this dramatic pose.

Both of these workshops lasted 3 hours, with only a 30 minutes break. So whenever I felt the slightest bit hungry I took a few minutes to sit and eat. I also made sure to drink often.
With  this strategy I actually got less exhausted in 6 hours of dancing than the day before in 4 hours!

And a good thing it was because after another half an hour break it was time for my second class with Didem. This time she taught a drum solo and brought along her drummer which was really great. 

I didn't get the opportunity to take a picture, so I am borrowing her group selfie from Instagram :-) That's me in the top center!
When the workshop was over, I literally ran off with my stuff to get to the airport.

I arrived at the check-in counter a good hour before the flight was scheduled to leave (as I usually do). There I was informed that the flight was closed and check-in for international flights with Turkish Airways was 2 hours before take-off. What?!? I have been to Istanbul about 20 times and never went to the airport this early!
I was sent over to the supervisor who told me that the flight was over-booked and all they could give me was a stand-by boarding card. Great. Why exactly had I booked this flight about half a year in advance? Just so that I would be grounded because of stupid over-booking by an airline?
By the way, this is not the first time that I heard about Turkish Airlines overbooking their flights and people having to wait to get on a plane the next day.

Well, I took my chances, went to the gate and tried to argue with with officers there. But in the end I just had to wait if there were no-shows...

Oh, and just for the record: I was totally exhausted after 8 hours of dancing and standing most of the way in the tram and metro to the airport. All I wanted was to go home and sleep!

Finally when most people had boarded I went to talk to the people at the boarding gate again and fortunately after some tapping on the keyboard I was assigned a seat on the plane! Hurray!

Landed safely in Zurich and was so glad that my boyfriend came to pick me up because another round of riding the train and bus was exactly what I didn't need.
At last I got to rest my tired body in my own bed which is always good!