Istanbul - It's all about the Tarazade festival

The last two days of my Istanbul trip were entirely dedicated to the Tarazade festival.

I had my first workshop on Monday at 11:15, so I used the earlier morning to prepare everything for the day and also pack most of my suitcase so I wouldn't have to do it later.
On the way to the festival I also made sure to get a warm meal into my belly to have enough energy to dance.

We had two hours with Hale Sultan for a "Turkish Instrumental". I really like her style and her teaching. Of course there was some of that crazy Turkish hair whipping I had already been doing for two days. But also a cool choreography with great details that I will work on some more.
Next was a class with Didem, one of the biggest stars in Turkey at the moment. More hair whipping!
And also some cool, energetic combinations.
After these four hours I was pretty exhausted. I went back to the hotel to finally take advantage of the in-house hamam. Just to find that it was closed for this day because their responsible employee was sick! Well, maybe it wasn't so bad after all, that way I got a good hour of sleep as a preparation for the evening.

It was "Open Stage" night - an opportunity for the participants of the festival to show off their skills.
Here's a bunch of us in the dressing room (with bad light). We were a truly international bunch from all over the world. Dancers had come from as far as Japan, USA and even Australia.
There will be official photos later, here is a snapshot of me performing my Tango Oriental piece which was very well received. Looking forward to the video!
The show went on for quite a long time as there were several short "Thank you" speeches by the teachers inbetween the dances.
It ended after midnight and all I could do was just go back to the hotel and fall into bed to get as much sleep as possible - which would not be enough anyway...