Istanbul - same but different: Tarazade festival and bridge photography

My Sunday program was partly the same as on Saturday, but in different order.

started out by pinning and sewing the new glitter stars on my costume. And I have to say, now that it's finished it looks quite professional - which just underlines my lack of understanding for the prices of some Egyptian dance costumes that look quite similar.

Then I practiced the choreography I planned to perform on Monday night - as much as it's possible in a hotel room! At least there is a wooden floor, that helps.

In the afternoon I headed over to the Tarazade festival for my next two workshops.
The first was with the legendary Sema Yildiz, for Romani and Bellydance.
Here she is, showing how to snap your fingers Turkish style.
Her teaching style was a lot of improvised "follow the bouncing butt" as I had expected but she also gave enought explanations inbetween.
Then Marta from Russia taught us a nice short Baladi choreography. Here she is, dancing it for us on the end. Cameras out! I really enjoyed her lesson and her dance style.
On my way back to the hotel I rode the tram with a festival participant from Norway. It turned out that she also dances tango and was interested in buying shoes. I was happy to give her some tips and later sent her the link to my website with the tango infos.

I waited until it got dark and then went on a little photo safari, walking the same way as the day before, to take pictures of illuminated architecural objects.
The Shehzade mosque, just around the corner from my hotel.
Roman aqueduct - and a busy road.
On the Unkapani bridge to photograph the new metro bridge
I was really glad I had been here during daytime so I new where to walk. It's not really a nice stroll to and over the bridge along the heavy traffic - worth it for the view and pictures but not something I will repeat soon.

Walking towards the Sultanahmet mosque
Moon and metro
It's a modern station!
The view from the platform over the rails

Into the tunnel towards Beyoglu

Artsy picture
I have been raving about the Ficcin restaurant for years - here's a picture. As you can see from all the green, they have grown so much over time that they now practically cover an entire street to both sides!
We had a little misunderstanding when I ordered - the waiter pointed at something on the daily menu and said "this is very good" - I thought he meant the köfte dish. Instead I got this, and I was never happier with getting the "wrong" order!
Sizzling hot shrimps with mushrooms, peppers and cheese - I never wanted this meal to end!
After I finished every last bit of it I was ready to tango in the nearby Ponte milonga. Another place with a terrace that has a wonderful view nobody looks at because they are too busy dancing!
I did however go up for a moment to cool down and take a picture. Yeah I know, bad light...