Japan - short account of a long voyage...

We left Zurich on Friday night - and of course I had a seat over the wing, as usual.... By the way, it wasn't raining, thet's just humidity on the window.

Well, since we were flying through the night there wasn't much to see anyway - except the dawn as we were approaching Dubai.
We had a 2 hours layover during which we walked around the airport just to move a bit inbetween the long flights.

Emirates airlines were probably not happy about it but I was so glad that the flight to Tokyo was only about 1/3 full! As soon as we were up in the air I occupied an entire middle row of 4 seats and all available pillows so I could make myself kind of a bed. I didn't sleep especially well or much but it was still better than sitting for over 9 hours!

Leg selfie!

It was late evening again when we finally arrived. Unfortunately I had booked our hotel for the first night in the wrong airport - because somehow the search for "Tokyo airport" always gave me Narita. When actually we landed at Haneda airport! 
But first we had to handle the fact that Verena's (Olivier's mother) suitcase had stayed in Dubai! Apparently they had noticed themselves because there was already a lady with a sign standing there, asking her to contact the staff. Then there were forms to fill out...

It was after midnight when we got to the tourist information counter and asked for a nearby hotel. The lady there just told us that all the hotels were booked due to a public holiday.
Going to Narita to the hotel I had booked would take about 1,5 hours by taxi and cost a fortune. Not very tempting.
I decided that we should just give it a try to ask the Royal Park hotel (the only one directly in Haneda airport) ourselves. And of course they had a 3 bed room left. And of course it also cost a fortune...
If it had only been Oli and me we would have maybe slept on some benches, but his mother is over 70, and so we took the room anyway and got a good rest in nice beds.

The morning view from the hotel room:

Oli and me went for breakfast and bought some food for Verena. When we got back to the hotel, Shoshi was already there, Oli's uncle. He came to pick up Verena who would stay with him and the family for the next 2 weeks. And he also took the 7 kilos of Swiss cheese from Oli, who after this had a half empty suitcase!

Then we all went to the train - the others for Shizuoka and us into Tokyo!