Kyoto - It's a family affair

On Sunday a fast and rather crowded train took us to Kyoto in just half an hour.

The first attraction there was the brand new train station, very impressive!
They also have a Kyoto Tower of course :-)

The display of a nearby restaurant proves that you can have every food in green, just add green tea!
On to the temple! And of course there were koi fish in the pond!
Big temple entrance
I tamed the dragon.
It's a big hall but taking photos inside was not allowed. Also because there was a service going on.
So we walked around.

So much wood! It's no wonder that many of the Japanese temples burned down (several times) over the centuries and had to be rebuilt.
Our next station was a wonderful garden.They even have trees growing on one of the walls.
Never enough gates!
And never enough lovely ponds!

We were just a little too early for the full autumn colors but it was still beautiful.

Shadow selfie!
Posing on a rock
Holding on to the bridge so it doesn't fall down :-)

Overview of the garden
After spending quite some time in this wonderful place we walked along the big street up to the imperial palace.

Yes, Starbucks is very popular here!
There is a very large park around the palace that also holds several buildings of  the former noble people. We went to visit one of them.

Courtyard in the noble house (which is now a museum)
This is how they trim trees - no branch is left out!
Every house needs a wall and some gates...
Entrance to a shrine
Little old temples for the three sea goddesses

Not only is the park big, so are several of the roads that lead to the palace! They needed enough space for parades I guess.
The palace's walls. Unfortunately it is closed for visitors during most of the year.
We also had a little family reunion. First we met in the apartment near the palace for a chat, in the now usual mix between French and English, depending on who you were talking to.
One of the topics were Olivier's European style sushi creations which were discussed at length. Judging from his relatives' reactions these sushi would not stand a chance in Japan!

Then we all went for dinner at a big restaurant where we had our own separate space.
In the back it's Olivier and his mother Verena. His cousin Yuko is covering her daughter Mana's eyes. Opposite are Yuko's mother Takako (Olivier's aunt), her husband Shinichi and son Nao. Which leaves me on the right :-)
We had yaki niku, one of several Japanese dishes where everybody cooks their food together. Actually this time it was more like a table grill - we ate loads of beef, starting with cow tongue...
Nao, our designated grill master

Only Mana and Takako stayed in Kyoto (Mana lives there). The rest of us drove back to Osaka where we observed the miracle of Japan's space-saving parking system!