Kyoto - Kimono galore and more temples

There is so much to see in Kyoto that one day just isn't enough!
So we went back for a second round.

We had planned to rent bicycles but it was a rainy day, no fun to be riding around town.

Just out of the railway station we spotted the first of many women in kimonos.
Walking up the hill we saw some old Japanese style houses.
At the gate of Kiyomizu-dera temple
Find the pagoda in the forest!
The temple is built on a steep hill.
A visit to the temple is apparently a welcome opportunity for young people (mostly girls) to dress up in (sometimes rented) traditional clothing. I asked several of them to pose for me.
Love the bold colors and patterns!
But it's not just about the dresses and pictures - most people actually come to pray!
Lantern from below
A devotee striking the big round gong
Fortunately I wore pink! All I was missing were some flowers in my hair...

Buy yourself some good fortune!

It all comes at a price...

It could be so easy... Just dissolve your troubles!

Walking further along the hill and looking back
Lunch time!
So many school classes all over the temples!
Boyfriends taking pictures
A lovely little pond
We made it!
On the way back down there are so many shops for souvenirs and sweets
Pretty couple in a fan shop
More Hello Kitty. Because Japan.
Oli bought a lot of snacks, as was to be expected.
More cuties
We took the subway to go to the next temples because they are on the other side of Kyoto.
Opportunity to photograph some of the elaborate hair creations.
Kinkaku-ji temple entrance
Thanks to the gold on its walls this temple even glows in the rain!

Abbot's house with interesting tree creation
More school groups - ignoring the rain for photo poses.
A lot of water falling down today!
Stone pagoda in a pond
Suddenly we were running out of time - we arrived at Ryoan-ji temple at 4:30 PM. Just half an hour before closing time.
But it's one of the most important temples in Japan and Oli also had some special business there...

You have to take off your shoes in temples, so better wear pretty socks!
The famous rock garden - unfortunately we were in too much of a hurry to get into a meditative mode.
Close up of the edge

Famous well behind the building with the inscription "I learn to be content".
Inside the hall
Pond of the landscape garden
Rain coming down from a roof
Finally we went to a little buddhist graveyard which is off limits for normal visitors
This grave holds parts of the ashes of Oli's grandparents and father. After the cremation the remains are split up and given to various family members.
His grandmother actually changed her buddhist sect just so that she and her loved ones could be burried here - it's a very prestigious cemetery. Yes, apparently prestige is important in death too!
Tradition requests that visitors should wash off the grave. But Oli's mother and aunt had done it the day before (hence the flowers) and it was also raining enough to make sure that it was clean!

By the time we went out It was getting dark and since the temple is very far from the train station and there is no good public transport connection we took a taxi to get back to the train.

It was around rush hour, lots of people were traveling with us.
Here you can see how they stand in line for their train in Osaka station.
Outside of the Osaka train station - that's not fire, just a cloud passing by a building.
Walking over the street

Part of our way home could be done through an arcade - definitely the way to go on a wet evening!
There are dozens of bars and restaurants competing for people's attention. Not all of them Japanese:
That dragon looks so inviting...

Willkommen in New München

These two girls were shouting out to attract customers.