Nara - All those lanterns are so deer to me

Yes, pun in title is intended :-) And you will soon see why...

We took a train to Nara on Saturday, a small town near Osaka which is famous for its temples.
Walking up the sunny street:

Each town has its own design of manhole covers!

Taking a lot of pictures today? You bet!
5 floor pagoda
There are hundreds if not thousands of deer, walking around freely. Small stalls sell special deer crackers that you can feed to them.
But beware, they are greedy!

Then there are lanterns - at least as many as deers!

You might have noticed by now that the temple color is red-orange here.
Golden lanterns
Green lanterns
People bring their children here to pray, we also saw some adults in traditional clothes.

Lanterns in the dark! So pretty.

Walking through the forest

A monk in full regalia
Oli having about his 3rd ice cream of the day
The deer could not care less...
More temples!

Always wash your hands first

Great view over Nara

A private home on the way down the hill
And the crowning piece! 2nd largest wooden building on the planet (the Australians recently built a bigger one but Oli insists that they cheated by using nails).


Waving smoke over the head
It's big!

Like this big!

Giant dessert - Oli's biggest wish of this day!
The pagoda at dusk
And we finally did some shoe shopping!
On the train ride home we mastered the Japanese art of sleeping in a train :-)

Walking back to the apartment through some kind of amusement district.

Despite all the walking during the day we actually went out to tango that night, but that's another story.