Shizuoka / Yokohama - from forest to highrisers

The hotel we were staying at was kind of remote and our only way to get to the next big train station in Mishima was the shuttle bus which only runs twice in the morning.

So to still get something out of the surroundings we got up early for a morning walk - and by this I mean we were out of the hotel at 7:15 AM!

There's an easy hiking trail that goes uphill, along the river and partly through the forest. It was also surprisingly varied.

Starting with bamboo.

A wood trail

Morning sun through the trees
Moss covered path
The goal: waterfalls 
What? I can't play golf here?
Apparently there is a danger of flash floods. So to keep people away from the river but let them enjoy the water anyway, a second, tamer version was created beside it!

Left: artificial river - right: the real thing

Autumn is coming
More bamboo
The artificial waterfall by our hotel
That's our room in the center.
Onsen from outside (behind the yellow wall)
Breakfast à la japonaise - it's serious business.
On our way downhill we saw various lotus fields. People here grow them to eat their roots.
I bought this while waiting for the train. French and English one one bottle? That's SO Japanese!
We arrived in Yokohama shortly after noon. Great first view! And quite a contrast to where we were earlier in the day...
They told us at the hotel reception that we could only check in at 2 PM, so we went for a stroll.

Two awesome things in one picture: 296  meters high Landmark Tower and the Nippon Maru, a former sail training ship turned into a museum.
Ready for boarding

Of course we went on that ship! It's huge and really interesting to see.
Cool details

This is the ship's motor which had been in service from 1930 to 1984 - a world record!
8 people in one small room...
Better for the upper levels
That's a lot of brass!
Captain's office

After this we went back to the hotel to check into our rooms which turned out to be so tiny, we could hardly open our suitcases!
Mirror selfie: me being reflected in the building opposite the hotel.
Side views

Olivier's mother had a view to the other side, over all the harbour, lucky her!
The older people stayed there to rest. After all, Shoshi and Takako are 85! But Oli and me wanted to walk some more before the next family reunion in the early evening.

Ever since I had done a little research about Yokohama I had one goal: to go on that ferris wheel!
Fortunately it was only 15 minutes from our hotel - well we took a bit longer because of photos...
Wedding chapel!

The wheel is in the middle of a small amusement park.
Up we go!
Minigolf on a roof

Rollercoaster - I hate those things.

After we got off the wheel we walked through the building next to it and I found my personal definition of hell...
Every single machine in the big hall plays its own little melody, resulting in an unbearable noise! How the kids can stand it, I don't know...
Win a manga figure!

Ah, back outside! The relief! That's our hotel right over there.
View from the hotel's top floor. So pretty!
We all gathered in the hotel lobby at 5 PM and went to Yokohama station. From there we walked to the restaurant, passing by this shop. Oh Japan...!
Through the early nightlife
After the elaborate traditional Japanese dinners it was kind of a welcome change that we went for Chinese.
We met more of Olivier's relatives who live in the area. For a change the conversation was mostly broken English instead of French.
It was a nice, informal evening with people changing places during the meal so they could chat with everybody.
Oli even tried some of his very rusty Japanese on his cousin's husband.

Time for group pictures!

I also solved a mystery: if all the cafés are full of young women, where do the young men go in the evenings? Answer: The gather in large groups, eat Chinese food and drink lots of beer! How they stay so skinny would be the next thing to explain...
Here are some, standing in line (of course!) outside a restaurant.
Back in the hotel we had to take some more pictures of the view.
Even prettier at night!