Osaka - more food, more views and family dinner

We had just gotten used to Tokyo - and it was already time to say goodbye and have a Shinkansen breakfast on the 3 hours train ride to Osaka.
The train was not only super fast but also convenient with a lot of room for our legs.
Suddenly everybody on the right side of the train took out their cameras and phones to take pictures - we were passing by Fuji-san!
In Osaka we were picked up by Olivier's cousin Yuko.
Here's what's different in Japanese cars: not only is the steering wheel on the right side, the moment you start the engine, the screen comes to live. It's supposed to be for the navigational system but if you don't use it for that it just plays mostly ads and some news.
We had a stop at a big store to pick up some breakfast.
Yes, another food department! They seem to be very important in Japan! And the Japanese just LOVE French bakeries!
It's all about the presentation!
Escalators? Yes of course, they have food on TWO floors!
Be creative! As long as there are chestnuts involved :-)
Oh my goodness! I got one of the purple cakes and it was so delicious! It's a natural color by the way because it's made out of a potato-like root.
More sweets...
Presentation my friend, it is the key!
Mouth-watering display!
My I present to you....
After dropping all the goodies at home, we discussed what to so next. Since we had told Yuko about our tower experiences in Tokyo, she suggested to do the same in Osaka.

The building here is called Harukas 300.
That's because it's 300 meters high and you go up to the 60th floor.
It has glass walls all around, great for the view!
In the center there is the "sky garden" on the 58th floor.
We arrived just in time for sunset.

Be warned: I will not select just a few pictures. Just look at all of them!
Souvenir photos
The sky was clear enough to see the mountains on the horizon.

I went to the bathroom... Best toilet mirror-selfie EVER! Or at least the highest!
When you walk out of the stalls you look directly outside. Very cool!
Dusk over Osaka...

Oli is giving everything for a good picture!

Yuko in the sky garden
I can't help it - those Halloween decorations just ruin the sleek look!
And please stop the "matching" music!

Model of the building.

Yuko cooked a nice Japanese dinner for us. It contained a lot of things that I didn't even know what they were when their names were translated to me!
It was interesting to communicate with the family: Yuko speaks French, her son Nao some English and later came her husband Shinichi who was happy to practice his rusty German with us.
We ended the meal with some of the nice  sweets we had bought in the afternoon.