Osaka - people watching and tango

In Japan, instead of going to see famous temples you could just watch people all day and never get bored!
Here are some random pictures and observations.

First of all, the Japanese must REALLY love to stand in line - they do it all the time, everywhere.

Take for example this Saturday morning at Osaka station, shortly before 10 AM.
As established before, the food halls in department stores are veryimportant here. So people wait for the shop to open like others do for a new iPhone!

I liked how these hairdressers are wearing a cute, proper uniform.
Crazy ads on columns
On the platform, waiting for the train
This lady had so much style and an awesome hairdo, too bad it's not very visible here.
Kawaii cosplay girls
This girl's a badass! Click on the picture to enlargen if necessary. You ain't seen nothing yet if you haven't checked out her green coffin handbag!

Saturday night was tango time! We even found a milonga that was literally only a 6 minutes walk from the apartment! And that's really lucky in such a big city.
Unfortunately it was rather empty that night - aparently there was some special event going on elsewhere and since the tango scene here is not that big, it affects the regular milongas. But it was a cute little place.

Eventually Olivier asked a girl to dance and he clearly made her night! She was actually quite a decent dancer too.

And because I don't know where else to put it, here's a view from our room.