Preparing for Japan - it's getting really cheesy!

FINALLY! I have been looking forward to this trip for many months, planning my outfits and where we will go, who we're going to visit etc.
So tonight, it's travel time!

Yes, I put a lot of thoughts into "What will I wear in Japan" - and ended up with a Hello Kitty inspired theme of pink and glitter!
Recently I have been studying some packing advice websites like Travel Fashion Girl. And while I am not as obsesses with traveling carry-on only as she is, I am still very proud, that this is all I am bringing on a two week's trip!
Actually, what I have been training myself to do during the last years was NOT to have any hand luggage, just a big handbag. One way of limiting what I take with me.

My basic idea was that it all had to fit into my weekender bag:
So when I finished my packing, half of my suitcase was practically empty. I am of course bringing the duffle bag along. In case I might do some shopping, you know...
Then here's what goes into my travel handbag - after I took the picture I also transferred the charger cables  and external battery from the suitcase to the handbag. Because this is going to be a looong trip and I might want to recharge my iPad during our stop-over in Dubai!
I actually had everything ready 2 days ago - so today I had enough time to go for a nice long walk up the hill and through the forest. After all, I will spend many, many hours sitting in airplanes very soon!

When asked what they wanted as gifts from Switzerland, Olivier's relatives said: "Cheese!" How utterly original! So he went and bought 7 kilos of Swiss cheese. Plus a big load of chocolate and some seeds for a kind of salad that his uncle loves but can't get in Japan.
So some of the empty space in my suitcase will be filled with cheese...

The good news is that his uncle will meet us at the airport and take all that food from us to send it to the rest of the family - after all, cheese needs to be cooled! And this way we won't have to carry it around the country.