Tokyo - Gardens and Towers

Monday morning was gray and a little rainy - plus there was a typhoon warning out, so we decided to stay in the area.
Our breakfast consisted of little snacks that we bought from the 7-eleven righ next to our hotel and ate while walking. Classy, I know...

On our way to the Imperial palace we passed by the old Bank of Japan building.
Building more highrisers!
In the middle of big buildings - a little shrine.
I don't know if it was the combination of a public holiday and the typhoon warning - but there were very few people out in the street and little traffic.
At the entrance to the gardens.
Yes, it's in the middle of the city!
Guard house
More guard houses
Old palace walls
Posing in the lovely garden
They sure know how to do parks here!
Koi fish

Well kept tree, just one of many!

Concert hall

View from the hill

This is supposed to be a dolphin.
Walking around the gardens. You can't actually go near the Imperial palace.
Fountain park

Closed entrance
By this time, my jet lag was knocking and I really wanted a nap. So, instead of walking around the entire, big palace area, we started going back to the hotel.
All the trees here are trimmed to the maximum!
Little detour - vertical plants seem to be all the rage here.
Lovely little garden in posh area
Hello Zebra!
Trees on a building
Tokyo train station

Walking along the little restaurants under the train viaduct. 
This one has its menu out on display, complete with sake barrels.

Big store building
Two restaurants - one of them very narrow! 
There are more equally narrow building in this area, squeezed inbetween bigger ones.
We ate another very cheap but delicious lunch in this reataurant just across the street from our hotel.
Our Japanese sized hotel room - Oli said "it looks bigger in the picture!" :-)
After a nap we were awake again and looked for something to do in the evening.
Our goal: Tokyo Tower. The upper part dissapearing in the mist...
Reflection in the rain
Here we are!
As much as there is to see with this weather
Looking down...

Two melon sodas and a view
Haloween decoration is EVERYWHERE in Tokyo right now!
Highrisers in the clowds
See? We were nearly alone up there!
Can somebody please explain to me the logic of describing the view to blind people in Braille script - when they can't even SEE the view?!
Reflections of Tokyo Tower in a building nearby 
It was still early in the evening, so we went on to Roppongi Hills, since it's not far.
Mirror selfie in the heavy rain!
Interesting architecture in the tower building
Even the handbags are Halloween themed...
And they teamed up with Tim Burton...
It was clear that dinner here would not be cheap. So we chose shabu-shabu, a Japanese speciality, to make the most out of it. Shortly cooked vegetables in beef broth.
And a wonderful dessert.
Interestingly, by the time we got out, the heavy rain had stopped completely. Instead there was a strong, surprisingly warm wind. Must be the aftermath of the Taifun.
And another view on Tokyo Tower!
Looking back
There is a subway line from Roppongi directly to our hotel's neighborhood which we appreciated!