Tokyo in style!

We found our hotel easily, it's on a big street. After a change of clothes we first needed to eat something and went to one of the many small restaurants in the area.

Ordering my first Japanese lunch! And this is how it works: choose from the pictures or plastic replicas of the meals - insert cash (it's cheap!) - tap on number - take your ticket and give it to the guy at the kitchen counter.
Only a few minutes later: Yummy food on the table!
With all this delicious food in our bellies we were ready for our excursion to Omotesando and took the subway to go there.
One thing I like here is that people don't just put on clothes - they really have personal style! Like the girl who seems to be really fond of Great Britain.
Omotesando is one of the main shopping areas. Many brands here have special buildings to attract customers, like the Boss building
Yes, I did dress nicely for the occasion! Gotta keep up with the stylish folks around here!

The Apple store is right opposite - so we went in and Olivier tried on the new iPhone 6. (He didn't buy one after all athough it's cheaper here.)
These people are standing in line to get into a restaurant! The Japanese seem to like queues...
The lucky ones who finally got in! Most guests in these cafes are young women.
Another nice restaurant
Masses of people walking up and down the shopping street
Cool rides
Masses of people crossing the streets

Many shops have employees who greet the customers or call out special deals. This girl had the most annoying, high pitched voice - but she's so kawaii (cute)!

Sushi socks!
Entrance of the mall
We walked up to Harajuku station. There's also a park but we were a bit too late for that.
Pretty sweets - and even the éclairs have a kawaii version!
The "iceberg" building
People standing in line to go into a shop! And it's just a shop with colorful gadgets...
Shop sign
Smells like home in here :-) 
All the goodies...
As we walked on, we got to Shibuya. It's the area with the crazy street crossing. 
Busy shopping street in Shibuya. 
I tried on some shoes - if they had them in size L for my "gigantic" feet (by Japanese standards) - but they were all too tight in the front. So no shoe shopping for me...
I had read about the Black Burger - only reason we went into Burger King. 
Even the cheese and sauce are black. Other than that it just tastes like a burger...
There are gaming arcades and special photo booths (for girls only!) where you can get a beautified picture of you and your friends. They seem to be very popular!
Then you type your e-mail address and get your pictures sent to you. 
For the older, mixed crowds, darts are more the activity of choice.

We had a late dessert at the café of the l'Occitaine shop. Yes, all kinds of shops have a café here!
Again, all the guests were women or men with women. Men by themselves apparently prefer other places to go out.
Our feet were killing us after all that walking, so we went straight back to the hotel afterwards.