Tokyo - Umbrellas, temples, views from high above

Who wants the same weather every day? How boring... We got the "interesting" version - a rainy Wednesday. But we decided to walk to Asakusa anyway, because it's relatively close to the hotel - meaning it only took us an hour :-) 

But hey, we got to see something of the area, like this river, one of several in Tokyo.
Umbrellas? Yes, we soon decided to buy one ourselves because it  rained on and on.
There were some interesting shops along the way, especially the toy shops that made Oli all nostalgic.
Every season decoration...
We arrived at the temple gate!
The road from the gate is lined with  to the main temple is lined with shops, of course.

Pagoda next to the temple, only for "registered believers"!
Looking dow from the temple.
Beautiful interior


There's a little park on the side with more shrines and little temples.

We spottet several Japanese people in traditional dress - also men, but this is the only one I could catch on camera.

Three towers - the one on the left is Skytree, our next goal.

Friendly gate keeper...
Those temples are all very nice but just not as much fun as they would be without rain.

Walking towards Skytree - it's good to have a transparent umbrella! By the way, with 634 meters, this is the world's second biggest tower! One more reason to visit it.
Of course there's a mall as well. In one shop they make candy by hand - and it actually tastes really good!
Come and buy these sweets! Because bisquit bananas with animal print on them make total sense!
Fake eye lash heaven! So much choice and cheap! I bought two value packs with four sets in each box.
This had to happen.
It's a dried squid as a Sky Tree souvenir with Hello Kitty printed on it. You can't make a product more Japanese than this!
Of course I bought something, although not this kimono clad plush Kitty.
At 4 PM we met up with Kathryn, an American teacher / bellydancer who has been living here for 13 years. But she had never been on the Skytree tower! Well, in her defence, it was only finished in 2012.
We bought our tickets and took an elevator that took us up to the 350th floor in less than a minute. Ouch, my ears!

But what a view! And yes, Tokyo is so huge that you can't see an end of the city to either side - and that's not just because of the cloudy weather! 
I looked it up: there are over 13 million people living here...

There's a "space-time navigation" to explain things.
The appearance of the tower's macot made the school girls run and scream with delight.
A look through the floor. Of course Oli had to take this picture for me... Thick glass floor or not!
The view actually got better as night fell and the city lights came on.

You can bet that we used every single specialized photo app on our phones for the best possible pictures!

Actually, we went up even higher! Floor 450 had the ultimate view and is so high it was kind of surreal.
And I made Kathryn dance with my for my vacation video:

Oli and Kathryn taking more pictures!

Waiting for the elevator - a perfect opportunity for a mirror selfie, Japanese style. I really had to stop myself standing with my toes pointed inwards like a Japanese school girl...
Another look down doring our stop on floor 350.
It's not a cheap pleasure, but considering the fact that we spent about 2 hours high up on the tower and saw these great views, it was totally worth it.

Tower inspired art - showing different aspects of Skytree with Japanese concepts.
And then Halloween caught up with me, and I got swallowed by a pumpkin!
After this, Kathryn had to go and teach a dance class while Oli and me continued exploring the shops and restaurants.

The food displays are always fascinating. This is how we chose our desserts.

Special chestnut edition crêpe and ice cream!
Overview of a tiny part of the food department
With all this sugar in our blood we were ready to go buy new clothes and actually found various new pieces to pack into our half empty suitcases :-)

On our way to the subway station - looking back up to were we were!