Yokohama - finally shoe shopping! And more walking

We had a last full day in Yokohama and used it to the maximum!

Of course this meant walking for many, many hours...

We encountered some nice examples of "old meets new":

"Happy Science"!
Who's the boss?
Yokohama has a large Chinatown with several gates.
It's all about thr panda!
Floor tiles

Another gate
More panda
A very colorful temple 

Look at all those details!

And on to the next area: famous Motomachi shopping streets!
Actually these are two parallel streets with a lot of little shops.
And they are ahead of their time here: while all of Japan is decked in Halloween decoration, they are already thinking of Christmas!
Most shops had rather standard clothes and shoes or European brands. I looked out for Japanese design and colorful designs. I found them here:
They have the coolest rainboots and shoes. I got two pairs!

A cool green building
And as you saw on the previous picture, all cables are up in the air! It's kind of strange for such a technologically advanced country.
The shopping street
Two ladies taking care of the occasional car driving through this pedestrial area.
This is how pets are sold here: very young puppies in glass cages. I am by far not an animal rights activist but stuff like this irritates me a lot.
If you forgot where you are, just look down...
Oli and Verena also found new things to buy. Then we walked up the hill, it was nostalgia time for them.
On previous trips they had stayed here with relatives several times in a nice villa. The house has since been sold, but they wanted to look at it anyway.

The Yamate road is where you can find a lot of colonial style buildings, some of which are museums today.
Japan decided that it's best to celebrate Halloween on a weekend, no matter what the date (October 25). This group were by far not the only dressed up people we met!
Interesting costume choices...
An old phone box!

More Halloween! This lady was taking selfis around the house.
One of several chirches on the hill
View down
The "Italian Garden"

On the way down we encountered some begging monks.
We finally went back to the hotel where Verena decided to stay and sit for a while because she was very tired.

Olivier and me apparently can't get enough walking and went on another tour through the buildings along the harbour. Most of it their lower floors were shopping malls.
There was for example the Pokémon center.
A shop for manga and anime fan stuff.
Art between two buildings
Flower Design competition - to say that the arrangements were creative would be an understatement!

A little flute concert
Outside again
The rollercoaster's car was lit and looked really cool.

Fish waffles - we both had one.
This mall also had a Hawaiian Town. With a hula dancer dressed for Halloween...
Why, Japan, WHY?

There was a wedding couple just coming out of the chapel!

Yes, and then we picked up our luggage and went to the airport for our long flights home.... I must come back!