Luzern - a Swiss touristic highlight

My friend Willow from Honolulu is back in town! And as every time I am taking her to a different place in Switzerland. This time I chose one of the towns every "Europe in 5 days" tour is taking its tourists to: Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland. And we totally get why: Besides being the location of countless Bollywood dance scenes it's also really pretty.

We were also lucky with the weather, it was sunny and unusually mild for mid-December, so we mostly walked around outside. We did however visit a wonderful antiques shop on our way into town.

 There were 2 of these chandelier holding dancer statues and I now want them - and a big villa to put them inside!
 It's the red coat army!
 One of many lovely buildings
Christmas decorations everywhere!

 River birds in the clear water

 On the world famous Kappeler bridge

Of course we were not the only visitors - dozens of Chinese tourists crossed our path during the day as well as other guided groups all over town. One of the Chinese guys was nice enough to take this picture of Willow and me.

 Painted buildings

We had lunch in a delightful little Indian restaurant that serves cheap but delicious food.
As a bonus, all the walls are covered in mirror mosaics.

After lunch: walk upwards!
There is a very long wall above Lucerne with several towers. Unfortunately they are only open in Summer. Must come back to walk up on the wall!

 In one of the many souvenir shops: a range of Swiss army knives.
 The lion monument - it's actually rather big!
 We also visited the Jesuit church, it's very nice - and has all the catholic opulence one would expect.

 Walking around the streets of the old town

 On the Christmas market
This was a lovely little excursion and it just goes to show that you don't have to go far to see great new sights!