Soma Bay - Gone with the wind

The weather report had been correct: It was VERY windy on Wednesday. We got up early and I had my first part of breakfast before heading down to the beach terrace for my daily dance practice. I got nearly blown away!

A small group of guys and the instructors prepared for their kite surfing excursion.

The surfing spot is further out in the bay so it's not possible to watch them.

I finished my dancing and got more breakfast. The buffet is big and it's included in our room price - so our eating routine is to stuff ourselves in the morning, have an apple and a nut bar in the afternoon and dinner sometime in the evening.

I went for a round of snorkeling but the toe that I had hit on a rock the day before started hurting, so I finished early and just relaxed in the room because it was too windy for the pool.
Sorry, no snorkeling pictures, I don't have an underwater camera. But here are some pretty flowers from the hotel garden instead:
At about 3 AM I went down to the beach, only to find that the kite surfers were still out! 
I waited on a deckchair but since I hadn't brought anything to read I got bored soon.
Instead I occupied myself with the ancient art of sandcastle building. So here is my biggest achievement of the day, ready to get washed away by the incoming flood:
Oli came back after I had built the castle, very happy with the progress he had made with his kite surfing skills during the day.
But he also really needed a hot shower! 

In the evening we noticed a bunch of new arrivals, mostly Egyptian families with loads of children.