Soma Bay - Last full day

Saturday was the big departure day for many people. There were suitcases being  rolled around all over the place in the morning. But we fortunately had another day.

We walked down to the beach and over to the Amwaj resort, the one with the pier out to the reef.

There we had a second try with our photo shoot. It was a bit better but still not exactly what I had imagined. But I also have to say that it is really difficult - a lot depends on the right timing. And then it's also physically exhausting to dive down again and again, all while fighting with the chiffon skirt around my legs.
All I can say is that I've had enough salt water in my nose for a while...!
Well maybe we have to practice some more.
When we were done, we showered off the sea water, got two fresh strawberry juices from the beach bar and relaxed for a while.
On the way back we saw that some people were trying their luck with windsurfing and Oli decided to give it a go as well.
I on the other hand had to get out of the sun and took a nap before I went for my massage. This was the best one of the three I had - I came out relaxed and energized at the same time.

Our evening was rather uneventful - small dinner and a game of backgammon in the bar.